Cleethorpes Water Tower

I moved to Cleethorpes over a year ago but I’d not really explored it. I’d visited the beach and the shops but I felt like I hadn’t really got to know this seaside town as much as I should.

Yesterday, I went for a walk with a friend and was surprised when we came across this water tower and pond, I began taking pictures as it really stood out from the rest of the area. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t spotted it before. My friend who has lived here since he was a kid said that in the 1970s there was a rumour that the pond was bottomless and children were warned not to go near it. It sounded like an obvious ploy to stop children falling in the pond and drowning but still, there was something about that pond and that tower that felt a bit off. I got a strange feeling about it so when I went home, I did a little research.

I found that the pond is not actually bottomless and is infact 40 feet deep.

It was originally a brick pit owned and dug by Walwyn Thomas Chapman and his family from 1881 until it was abandoned in 1915 when it was closed down due to fears that the light from the fires of the clay kilns would result in unwanted attention from German Zeppelins. In 1904 the workmen hit an underground spring and were unable to stem the flow of water. The pit was then abandoned and was allowed to fill with water. It was fenced off and sold to the local waterworks company.

The Water Tower which stands next to the pond was built sometime around 1910. It was originally taller than it currently is. For reasons unknown the original top was replaced with the current one sometime prior to 1963.

Of course, you know where this is going, the pond and the tower are haunted!

According to the Facebook page which is dedicated to Chapman pond, there are a few ghost stories associated with the pond and the tower. In the early 1900s, a horse and cart accidentally fell in one night and both the horse and driver drowned. The ghost of the driver is said to still haunt its waters. Perhaps this was another reason why children were warned not to play near the pond; a ghostly cart driver might drag you into his watery resting place. Obviously that’s just a legend, right? Well not necessarily because a child actually did drown in the waters some time afterwards. Her ghost has been seen numerous times, crying out for help. Whenever someone goes to save the drowning girl, she vanishes. The tower is also haunted! There have been numerous sightings of a figure plunging from the top of the Water Tower.

In trying to research who these ghosts might have been when they were alive, I turned up nothing! There were plenty of stories but no names. Apparently many children have drowned in the pond but it’s only the ghost girl who is regularly spotted. It’s surprising that there are more myths and legends surrounding this little pond than there are about the beach which is only a few metres away, especially since there are plenty of actual news stories about people drowning in the Humber.

Since I can’t find any confirmation that anyone died in the pond or the water tower, I can’t really say whether it is actually haunted. They could be made up stories to stop kids going near it or they could be rumours that came about because of how creepy the tower looks. No matter what, it deserves to be explored and I will probably visit there again one night to look out for any ghost children or jumping figures, I am not expecting much but I’ll update you!

Instagram Scammers At It Again!

I don’t know what it is about my Instagram account, but I seem to attract a lot of scam artists. I suspect it may be due to the fact that I’m too nice. When someone follows me (Doesn’t matter who) I always follow back. This means, I probably have a fair amount of scam accounts following me that I follow back.. I’m probably on a list somewhere for scammers to look through so they know who to follow.

What kind of scams do I see? well..

. The Bitcoin guys who try to get me to invest
. Profiles (Usually with no pictures or even a profile picture) that sends me a message asking for my PayPal email so they can send me $1000.
. Someone claiming to be a member of the Illuminati who will ask me to pay $10,000 to join this society so I can learn top secrets on how to become a billionaire.
. The guy from an African country who has lost his wife and has to take care of his daughter (Sometimes son) all by himself and needs money for food or to pay a medical bill for his daughter. This one usually tries to befriend you first, maybe even flirt with you so that he can earn your trust.
. Finally, there’s the worst one of all! the one who pretends to be someone you already follow and know fairly well (In an online setting)

For me, the latter usually poses as a Tarot reader I already follow and they ask me if I want a reading. They of course want me to send $30 – $40. I got one of these recently. They had the exact same name as the genuine profile but they’d added an underscore at the end.

When I visited the scam account, they had all of the same pictures, only they had all been added that very day rather than one each day like the genuine profile. They hadn’t used any hashtags on the pictures.. because they don’t really care about getting likes. They had the same Instagram bio and the same profile picture as the original genuine account.

As soon as I saw all that, I knew it was a scam, but instead of doing the usual and blocking them and then reporting them. I decided to test this person out a bit.
“Yeah sure, I’ll have a reading.” I said. I noticed how quickly the person then began typing.
“Thank you love, please make a small donation to my paypal and I’ll begin.” she replied.. By the way, if a Tarot reader ever messages you and uses words like ‘Grand Rising to you’ or refers to you as ‘Love’ or ‘Dear’ then it’s probably a scam.
“How much should I send you?” I asked
“Usually people donate $30 – $40 anything will do my love.”
“Before I pay, I’d like to know what Tarot spread you intend to use and which deck you’ll use for the reading” I replied
The scammer was suddenly stuck, she/he was no longer frantically rushing to reply, they’d read the message but obviously didn’t know how to respond… minutes went past so I started doing something else, but I periodically checked my phone to see if I’d got a reply.

Eventually, they replied after about 20 minutes. They’d sent me two pictures taken from the original account. Both pictures were of different Tarot cards, one was ‘The Hermit’ the other was ‘The Tower’ She then asked me which deck I’d like.
I thought this was an interesting way to get round their issue of not knowing anything about Tarot cards. With he/she taking such a long time, I wondered if maybe they’d contacted the head of this scam operation to find out how they should respond to my request. I’m assuming they couldn’t figure out the name of any Tarot decks (Even though a quick Google search would have given them plenty of names.) so they went with sending pictures instead.

I imagine this scammer was very pleased with themselves, rubbing their hands together in glee after they had successfully replied with what they thought was the best method to get me to part with my money…

The only issue was, the cards in the pictures were from the same Tarot deck. I can’t very well pick the deck I want, if the pictures are of cards from the same deck! This person had also failed to tell me what kind of reading I would receive (Love, career, general) and they still hadn’t told me what spread they’d use. I wouldn’t pay $40 for a one card reading for example.

I then had to ask ‘Do you ever successfully scam anyone? I mean you know nothing about Tarot cards. Your profile looks fake, I mean does it ever actually work on anyone?!’
I really wanted them to answer that question honestly. I wanted to know if anyone really did fall for it because even though I use Tarot cards daily and know a fair bit about it, in my experience, most of the customers I’ve had knew basic things about Tarot cards and readings too, and even though they very rarely asked what deck I would use, they always specified what type of reading they wanted and what they wanted it to be about.

I didn’t get an answer. They did what I probably should have done as soon as they messaged me, they blocked me.

In a way, I do regret bothering with this person, the amount of scam profiles following me has increased. I may not have fallen for the scam but I’m still on their list as someone who at least replies to the scammers. I’ve changed my tune though, I don’t just follow everyone back anymore. I even remove fake profiles from my followers list now.

It’s kinda sad that no matter what you do, you always have to be on your guard, looking out for people who want to do you harm, take advantage of you or fool you. It’s supposed to be easy to be nice, it requires less thought to be friendly, nice and polite.. but in this modern world of social media, being nice means putting a lot of effort into not being taken advantage of.

Long Time No See

I must first apologise for not using WordPress for almost a year, not only have I not posted anything but I haven’t been on it to read other people’s posts. It had been a busy and stressful year and so I took a break from a lot of things to mainly focus on music and writing an album.

I decided recently to cancel my premium WordPress plan since I wasn’t really using it, so by April time, this website will probably look a lot different. I’ve heard horrible stories of people’s blog posts disappearing after changing WordPress plans so I don’t know if this will happen to me, I can only hope it doesn’t.

I don’t want to stop using WordPress, I just don’t want to pay for it as I will no longer be using it to host my Tarot reading services. I plan on using this as a place to blog and update (Which was my original intention) I also enjoy giving advice on Tarot reading, Witchcraft and the paranormal and I love to learn more about it too from the other bloggers on here.

I do have an eBay shop where I sell Witch supplies and candles, but I will no longer be selling anything here, I will however update you on the things I’ve made.

As you can see above, I’ve been busy making witch crafts and candle magick kits. This has been a lot of fun as one of the first things I tried when getting into witchcraft was to use candles and spell jars to manifest intentions. I believe it’s definitely the gateway into the whole witchcraft world.

Daily Card (25th June 2021)

This will be the last card I pick from the Psycards for a while. I’ll go to an oracle deck next I think.

When you feel different from the people around you, it can be a little lonely. It makes you question whether you’re even human, especially when you look at the state of the world and the cruelty that humans inflict on other humans, animals and the planet in general. You can end up feeling like a stranger on a stage where terrifying events are taking place and all you can do is watch them happen… But instead of idly watching the horror, the corruption and the destruction of our world, make a move! Do something about it. If we all do something small, it creates something big.

Daily Card (24th June 2021)

Another card from the Psycards deck!

It’s not just our freedom of choice that shapes who we are and where we’re going, we all seem to be pulled in the direction we end up taking. Look for the signs that will let you know where your destiny lies. The universe has a plan for you and it will let you know with subtle clues. The reason skeptics don’t see the paranormal and the unexplained is because they choose not too, conversely believers choose to see the paranormal and therefore may see magic in something commonplace. Try to be in the middle, be open! But don’t look too hard into everything!