Top 5 Signs You’re Going to be a Good Tarot Reader

I’ve recently seen a lot of posts with titles like ‘Top 5 Mistakes New Tarot Readers Make’ and ‘The Differences Between a Professional and Amateur Tarot Reader’ as fantastic as these kinds of articles are for people learning a new skill, they can also make you feel inadequate. I’ve been reading tarot cards for over a decade and I now perform readings professionally, but even I sometimes worry when I have to give bad news or if I can’t connect to a client. I decided to write a more uplifting blog entry with the aim of inspiring amateur tarot readers to keep going. I’ve mainly aimed this at tarot readers who want to read for other people.

5. Patience

Learning a new craft takes time and the more effort you put in, the more benefits you’ll reap. It can take a very long time to get confident with a new skill, but the fact that you’re trying means you care and it means you will get good at it! no one spends years trying to master something without at least getting reasonably good. Some people learn all the meanings of every card in a week and feel confident enough to read the tarot for their friends and family, it’s great when someone can do that, but for other people it takes a lot longer. In some ways taking longer to learn a new skill and get confident with it isn’t a sign that you’re bad at it, it’s a sign that you care enough about it so that you don’t rush into things. Having the patience to master a skill is a skill on it’s own. There are plenty of dabblers out there.. there are also a lot of people who collect tarot decks because let’s face it, they’re pretty! but if you’re the kind of person who needs a lot of practice at something before you go out and show the world, then you’re doing something right.

4. A Good Listener

If, in your day to day life you find yourself being the person that everyone comes to with their problems, then it’s a sign that you’re a good listener and most likely a caring person. Being understanding and helpful when people need you is an important quality for a tarot reader to have. This mainly applies to people who want to become a professional tarot reader one day, but even if you’re providing tarot readings for the people you know, it’s important to be a good listener who appreciates that people are relying on you when they have a problem. A huge part of being a professional tarot reader involves being a good counselor. You’re not just a novelty fortune teller who can ‘predict the future’ that’s not what the tarot is about. It’s about guidance and understanding. If you enjoy helping people and guiding them on the right path, then you’re the perfect candidate to be a good tarot reader.

3. Honesty

When someone comes to you for advice, do you tell them what they want to hear? or do you tell them what you really think? it’s a lot easier to tell someone what they want to hear, but in the long run, this could hurt them. Sometimes you’ll have someone who comes to you with a difficult problem, you want to tell them that it’s all going to be okay but the cards are saying otherwise. You could sugarcoat it and make it sound like everything is going to be alright, but that wouldn’t be honest. I’m not saying you should tell them bluntly how awful their life is going to be, you also shouldn’t only focus on the negative. In every reading there are positive things to focus on too, and you have to balance it well. You have to be honest with the querent and give them the bad news, but you have to give them hope too. Another issue that crops up occasionally is the feeling that you’re not connecting with a client. As horrible and embarrassing as it is, you’re better off explaining that, rather than blagging your way through a reading. You must also be honest with yourself, are you ready to read professionally? only you can decide that.

2. Insight

When I say ‘insight’ I don’t necessarily mean you have to be psychic or have some kind of special gift.. although that can be a plus. Insight is more about connecting with a person on an emotional level and sensing what the cards are trying to tell you about a person. It’s all well and good learning the meaning of every tarot card but sometimes you have to find other meanings in the cards to give a more accurate reading. You have to balance what you’re sensing and feeling with what the cards are saying.


After practicing with doing tarot readings with your friends, you might discover you have a certain way of doing things, this is a good thing! whether it’s down to the way you shuffle, the spreads you use for different situations or the way you communicate with a querent, it’s all part of your style! you shouldn’t change the way you do things just because someone told you that you have to shuffle the cards 6 times and split the deck or something like that. If it works for you, then you do it! if you feel that you get the most out of the tarot from doing things in a certain way then you’re getting the most out of it, and that is of course the whole point in it!


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