Everyone has experienced a coincidence in their lives. There are a lot of famous coincidences. A big one that springs to mind is a novel entitled ‘The Wreck of the Titan’ it is about a fictional British ocean liner which crashes into an iceberg in the North Atlantic and sinks. The spooky thing about this novel is that it was published 14 years before the sinking of the Titanic. There are many similarities between the fictional ship and the real life Titanic, even the name is similar.

You could think that mad coincidences are just that, simple coincidences, but what if they’re not? There are many people out there, who claim that coincidences and weird occurrences start to happen more frequently right before a major event in their lives. it’s almost like the universe is giving us signs to let us know what will happen in out futures. It’s an interesting idea but is also quite a depressing thought, as it’d imply that we have no control over our own lives. It’d mean that we all have a path that we must walk and that we don’t really have freewill.

There is a theory that we’re living in a computerised universe. There are little clues that make you wonder if that is a possibility. The universe appears to have a code, it has patterns that would imply it was created. The Fibonacci sequence is a mathematical sequence where each number is the sum of the previous two numbers. Using the Fibonacci sequence, you can draw a golden spiral. You start with a rectangle for which the ratio between its length and width is the golden ratio. This rectangle can then be partitioned into a square and a similar rectangle and this newest rectangle can then be split in the same way. After continuing this process for a while, you can then connect the corners of these squares by semi-circles and form something that resembles the golden spiral. The reason why this is important is that the golden spiral exists in nature. It makes up certain flowers and shells and even the arms of our galaxy.

Golden Spiral

If we were to assume that we are living in a computer generated world, then it’d maybe explain the weird coincidences and glitches. If you imagine that everything is a jigsaw piece within a puzzle and that these pieces must fit together for the puzzle to uphold it’s function, then it’d be disastrous if a piece didn’t fit. In real life times, imagine you were meant to take a job in advertising, imagine it was your destiny! now imagine that instead of following that path, you decided to be a plumber instead. This different path doesn’t just affect you, it affects a lot of other people. You will come into contact with a completely different circle of people and maybe even meet your future partner through your work. It’s not so much of a problem necessarily because although you’ve altered your code within the computerised world, the game can adapt and write out a new code that still works for you and the other people. The real issue is if you did something completely out of character! something so different that no matter what code the computer altered to accommodate your new path, it’d still affect other people’s path in a way that would destroy the puzzle!

Has anyone ever broken the code? In my opinion, I believe that it’s a possibility that some people have managed to almost write themselves out of the code. These people become like glitches within the game, unable to interact with other people and destined to live alone so that they don’t affect the other puzzle pieces.

I’ll admit that this is a pretty crazy theory, and I’m not saying that this is fact, but it’s a pretty interesting idea and so far we can’t prove whether we’re in a game or not. With the little pieces of evidence we have for the computerised world, I think it is still worth looking into.

An interesting phenomenon that got everyone fascinated with the idea of there being different alternate dimensions was the ‘Mandela Effect’ an example of this would be the Monopoly man. A lot of people have a strong memory of the Monopoly man (Rich Uncle Pennybags) wearing a monocle, but he doesn’t and apparently never has. There are many examples of this and you can type in ‘Mandela effect’ on Google and look at the hundreds of examples, you’re bound to find at least one that will shock you. Although I have experienced my own ‘Mandela effect’ type memories, I must say that the idea of it being evidence for alternate dimensions is weak because our memories are just not that accurate. Things can easily get muddled in our minds as time goes on. When you think of an event in your life, you’re not actually remembering the event, you’re remembering the last memory you have of that event. It’s almost like a game of ‘Chinese whispers’ each time you recall that memory, it will be slightly different and eventually your memory of that event will be less accurate.

I think my message here is that we know very little about our existence, the universe, the meaning of life or where we came from and where we’re going. We get little clues that point to some bigger picture, but we’re never able to get the true answers. All of these odd things that happen in the world, and all of these signs that point to something unusual are worth looking into. There is more magic and mystery to this universe than we can ever know and it’s fun to speculate what the meaning of it all is.

You can never dismiss the idea of ghosts, goblins and aliens, you can’t say that God doesn’t exist, you can’t deny that we’re in a computerised universe because we don’t have all the answers. Stay open minded!


24 thoughts on “Algorithms

  1. I’m thinking that those ‘code breakers’ you talk of (and I like that take on it btw) would be the real magicians. It seems to me that no only the laws of physics and nature hold us accountable in this reality, but the observations of others too; if one could brake the ‘code’ then others would observe the impossible… it’s like their belief that it’s not possible holds things in check. The Mandela Effect, along with synchronicities/coincidences, could be a hint that something has evaded that check.

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    • Ah yes you could be right. Maybe the code has already been broken or dramatically changed so that odd things happen as a result but the code was amended so that we wouldn’t pay attention to it.. Or at least most people won’t pay attention to it.

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    • Thanks for reading. You might be onto something. It’s when I experience moments of deja vu that I think maybe it seems familiar because I planned out my life before I came here.


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  3. I don’t know that I’ve broken the code, but I certainly switch my path, abandoning what I’ve been raised for, primed for. I abandon my life of expectations and took off for the West. I divorced my husband, disappointed my parents, and struck out for places unknown. Since then, I’ve done that several more times. And I’ve never been sorry.

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