Does It Matter Which Tarot Deck You Use For A Reading?

When I conduct an email reading, I always include a photograph of the spread. I do this for several reasons, firstly it proves that I did a reading. You probably won’t be surprised to know that there are a lot of scammers out there who will copy and paste a reading they found online and send it out for money. Secondly, it allows the client to better understand the reading and having a picture of the spread makes it seem a little more like a face to face reading. The final reason is that tarot cards look pretty.

When I started out, I used a Rider Waite deck for face to face readings. It was great because the imagery is vivid and I’d even get clients interpreting the cards with me or asking me questions about the imagery. A lot of people knew the deck too since it’s a popular one that a lot of decks are based on. My only issue was that the Rider Waite deck isn’t pretty enough for me, so I got the Tarot Mucha deck. This deck is based on the Rider Waite deck, but is so much more to look at. For me, its art nouveau style and vibrant colours makes it better than the regular Rider Waite deck.

Mucha Tarot

Around the time I got the Mucha Tarot deck, I began conducting readings by email. I enjoyed posting pictures of my new deck on Instagram and sending pictures of the cards to clients.

Recently as some may already know, I bought the Light Visions tarot deck. This deck is beautiful but a lot darker and mysterious when compared with my other decks. It’s monochrome and less colourful when compared with the Mucha Tarot. I’ve been using this deck to conduct my readings and today it got me thinking whether the deck used to do readings makes a difference.

Light Visions Tarot

I won’t talk about different interpretations and imagery but rather the aesthetics and the mood of a deck. When I take a picture of a spread using the Light Visions deck, I notice how bleak it can look and wonder if this has a small impact on the clients interpretation of the reading. Conversely when a client sees a picture of the Mucha Tarot, does it make them think of the reading in a more positive light? even if the reading is slightly negative.

It’s a similar issue with trusting the cards. When I see certain oracle decks that are cute and straight to the point, there’s a part of me that doesn’t take them seriously. In the back of my mind I have a kind of prejudice, that tarot cards should look mysterious and old. They shouldn’t have cute messages on them, but rather some number in roman numerals or something that gives off an air of wisdom.

Pastel Magic Tarot (An example of a beautifully cute deck)

For anyone who has received a tarot reading by email, or for anyone who does tarot readings for clients, I’d like to hear your thoughts on whether the choice of deck makes any kind of difference.


10 thoughts on “Does It Matter Which Tarot Deck You Use For A Reading?

  1. I have often asked the same question. Does the tarot deck make a difference in a reading.
    I do not like the cute cards personally. I don’t get much intuitive information from them, just strictly the meaning. I have the wild unknown deck, which belonged to my daughter. I do not get much from them either, maybe because I didn’t pick them out and they don’t really belong to me.
    For me a deck really does make a difference in whether I can do a reading or not, but that is not exactly what you were asking.
    Sending you love ❤️

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    • Yeah I get where you’re coming from. I like the look of the cute cards but I just can’t put much faith in them. I get what you mean about the cards having to belong to you though, I can’t do readings with other people’s decks, I just can’t connect. I love the wild unknown deck by the way, it’s so pretty but it still has that air of wisdom if you get what I mean.

      Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts 😊 sending love ❤️

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  2. I would definitely prefer someone not use the more simplistic cute deck. I like ones that we need thoughtful consideration. I have been doing Soul Collage for several years. Funny how that now when I have the time, it has taken a back burner and I haven’t been interacting with my cards. One of the things I like about them is they can tell me completely different things at different times depending on what I ask and consider.

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    • Yeah I agree, the cute cards are goid for when you want to take pretty pictures to put on Instagram though. They’re also good if you just want a quick straightforward answer.


  3. When my friend gave me a reading she had three decks laid out in a pile with only their backs showing. And she asked me to choose which I was drawn to. I really think it depends on my mood that day as to which pictures I enjoy. I don’t know if thats because I’m an artist and can appreciate all the artwork or because I’m a gemini and we don’t decisions easily. 😁🤣💜 I have the rider waite being a beginner but i like the tradition seeped in them. I really like the spirit song tarot but being all animals I find them harder to interpret and remember. I picked up a second hand guilded tarot which I love, and a mini hanson, which is just cute. But love the look of the vice versa. I just love them all. Ha ha. Even being new to reading them. I’m not sure that I’ve been verys helpful here. 🤔😁🙈💜

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    • Thanks for letting me know your thoughts, that’s actually a pretty good idea letting the client choose which Deck they want to be used for the reading. I suppose it could be difficult making the decision though, like you said most tarot decks are really pretty and it’s difficult to choose between them. I seem to concentrate on one deck at a time for some reason. I’ll get a new deck and use it constantly. I do have a practice deck though which is basically a Rider Waite deck that’s done with real photographs. I still use that deck to mess around with and practice new spreads.


  4. I think the deck definitely makes a difference to the reading, the same card can have a totally different meaning in different decks. I find they have different personalities. Most of my decks are on the lighter side & give gentle readings.

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