Mythical Creatures Of Lincolnshire

As some of you may know, I was born in Lincolnshire and still live here. It’s a large county in the east of England and is known for its farmland and beautiful countryside.

Recently I’ve been watching a lot of videos about cryptids on YouTube and a lot of the videos are about weird creatures in America. It’s sad that we British don’t seem to care as much about our own cryptids which are part of our folklore and mythology. Lincolnshire happens to have some interesting mythical Creatures. Here is a list of just 5 of them.

The Lindsey Leopard

The Lindsey Leopard is known as an ‘alien big cat’ which has been seen roaming up and down Britain, including Lincolnshire.

On August 14, 1998, two large paw prints in cut grass were reported near Gainsborough on a farm, which were identifiable as puma or lynx prints by an RSPCA inspector. There were numerous sightings soon after this, and later in October, three mutilated sheep were found with no other attributed cause other than a wild animal

Market Rasen, Stapleford Woods near Newark and South Rauceby are just some of the places it has been spotted, with the most recent sighting being in 2002, when a man named Chris Till spotted a large cat in Laughton Forest.

Black Shuck

There have been many sightings of the Black Shuck in East Anglia, although it has also been sighted haunting Cawthorpe and Haugham in Lincolnshire.

Despite the accounts of its appearance varying, it has mainly been described as a ghostly black dog as big as a calf with saucer eyes.

Its appearance was considered to be a sign of death, the name ‘Shuck’ derives from the Old English word ‘succa’ meaning ‘demon’, and it is just one of many phantom dogs spotted around the UK.


This Lincolnshire legend dates back to 1926. A young man living near Dogdyke discovered some ancient remains which looked like a human skeleton with a wolf’s head. After examining them on his kitchen table, he concluded that it must have been a coincidence they were found together.

Unable to sleep that night, he was disturbed by a tapping noise on the window, only to discover that there was a werewolf looking back at him, which began to smash through the glass.

He barricaded himself in his kitchen until the werewolf left at the crack of dawn. He immediately buried the skeleton he previously found, and was never disturbed again.

Shag Foal

This creature comes in the form of a shaggy haired donkey with fiery eyes.

It is known as a mischievous creature rather than diabolical, and appears to unknowing travellers on the road around Boston and Barton.

A book titled Country Folklore written in 1908 by Gutch and Peacock indicated the existence of the Shag Foal lurking around the railway in Kirton, Lindsey.

British Bigfoot

Back in 2014, co-founder of the British Bigfoot Research organisation Adam Bird claimed he had captured a photograph of a Bigfoot in Friskney, near Boston.

He said the photograph showed a ‘shadowy figure’ dark among the greenery, stood within the trees staring at him and his group. He also found a very large footprint, which could belong to the British Bigfoot.


33 thoughts on “Mythical Creatures Of Lincolnshire

  1. I SOOOO want to visit rural England! My favorite author – Daphne Du Maurier – sets all of her novels there. Plus it’s FULL of history, and myth and mystery. I’m kinda jealous you live there, honestly…

    Liked by 3 people

    • Ah cool yeah, I think she was from Cornwall. Where do you live? To be honest I quite like big cities haha I don’t know why I stick around in this area, I suppose it’s because it’s less stressful. I’d love to live in America though, maybe somewhere in New England.


  2. That’s really crazy!! I live in a place with a similar name to where you live. I don’t wanna say publicly – but is similar … My place is boring also … and I also love that lol 😘✌️

    Your history is way more impressive than this California town though … my town is a small little cowboy type town.

    You would love New England!! Salem, Massachusetts is incredible… that whole entire New England area is very rich in histories ❤️

    I would be terrified to have a run in with a Black Shuck or a werewolf 😳😮

    Liked by 3 people

    • Ah cool I like the history of the old West and cowboy towns. I know America doesn’t have as much history but in a way its more exciting to me.

      You’re right I’d enjoy New England and the history there too.

      I think what America has that Britain really doesn’t have is a variety of different landscapes and climates. I mean you’ve got it all, mountains, lakes, deserts etc

      I often go around at night hoping to spot black Shuck or a werewolf or something but so far I’ve not seen anything haha I’ll keep trying though

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      • Yes the west has some really incredible history too!! Is different type of history than New England area. Both are just captivating in some areas though

        That is true… we do offer many different climates, terrains, and landscapes – it is all stunningly beautiful and incredible. Most definitely!!

        I never really thought about that in comparison with other countries 😮 very interesting!

        Hahaha well your story about the werewolf sent chills up my spine lol… the werewolf through the window because of those bones and then he buries and is never bothered again 😮

        We have a ghost town not far from me (which I love!!) … it has this curse that if you so much as remove one pebble you will be haunted until it’s return 😳😮 I have been to this ghost town and I always think of that curse – everyone check your shoes for pebbles lol ✌️

        Funny little fables and legends that can make your hair stand up

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      • Yeah a lot of countries are too small to really have a lot going on. Britain is tiny! Haha the weather is pretty much the same all over.

        That werewolf story scares me too but it’s exciting as well 🙂 I probably wouldn’t want it to happen to me though.

        That must be scary going to the ghost town and worrying that you’ve accidentally taken a pebble home. I’d be so paranoid after visiting there haha thanks for sharing that story 😊

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      • You have to come visit if you have a chance… sooo much to see and so many places to pick from!!

        Ghost towns are incredible!! Some are in arrested decay (won’t be fixed and won’t let ruin – just kept as it was found)

        Maybe kinda like your old ruins? Do you have ghost towns?

        You can just feel the spirits around them!! So eerie, intriguing and fascinating!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah I’ve only been to cities in America (Chicago, New York, Seattle) I want to explore more of it. I’d love to visit a ghost town! ♥️

        I will have to research it but I’m pretty sure we don’t have ghost towns. I think that because our country is so small, they’d want to quickly use any abandoned space up. I suppose if it had grade listed buildings though, they wouldn’t be allowed to knock it down and build a housing estate or something haha

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      • If you ever come out my way let me know… I can give you really awesome things to do and see.

        Oh I see. Yeah they do that here too… sometimes we have to fight to make something listed as historical – then it can’t be touched. Lol

        The ghost towns I don’t know if listed as historical? Like buildings? Cause is entire towns lol … they usually fall into the hands of our National Parks Dept… they handle those. ❤️

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      • I will do yeah 😊 I’d love to explore the west more. It’s so cool that you have these untouched areas of history. Are you allowed to just go there whenever you like? Or do some of them charge entrance fees if they’re owned?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well they are usually taken care of and handled by our National Parks Dept… you can go whenever you like … and there are “usually” entrance fees or parking fees? Not usually both, one or the other. It’s not bad though

        And once a year, usually in February … we get one day where all museums and parks are free ❤️

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  3. The only tales (no pun intended) that come to my mind are of the Beast of Bodmin Moor. My high school friend and I were always on the lookout for that one when we holidayed in Cornwall.

    Liked by 3 people

      • Yes, plenty of beasts up here. From Nessie to the Grey Man of Ben Macdui, there’s a fine mix of crypto-zoological creatures in Scotland, most of which are associated with the supernatural in one way or another. It’s easier to cross into the unseen world in these big empty spaces…

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