Stress Relieving Tarot Spread

There probably isn’t very many people who have not suffered from stress atleast once in their lifetime. Some people get more stressed out than others, I am one of those people.

Not only am I a stressed out person, I’m also a worrier. I worry about everything! I plan for every outcome and scenario as a way to ease my worrying. Another tactic I use to calm my mind and figure things out is through the tarot.

Learning what is stressing you out and how to manage it and overcome it can actually be done using a stress relieving tarot spread. There are actually many tarot Spreads associated with alleviating stress, but the one I’m sharing with you is the one I use.

1– Your current situation. This refers to your life at that moment and what situation you are in, this could refer to your physical or mental situation.

2- What’s causing the stress you’ve been feeling. Sometimes you’re not quite sure why you’re stressed or there’s so many stressful things in your life that you don’t know which issue needs addressing first. The second card in the spread should identify the issue that is causing you the most stress.

3- What can bring you comfort at this moment in time. Little joys in life can bring you some comfort. In my case it’s watching naff TV shows on Netflix. For some people, talking with a friend can help or playing video games can help them unwind. This card should give you a clue as to what little thing can bring you some relief and comfort.

4- What is something you can look forward to. This could refer to many things. If for example, you’re nervous about a dentist appointment, the thing you might be looking forward to is not having toothache again. Basically the thing you’re worried about will actually solve an issue in your life. Alternatively you might be looking forward to the end of sonething that was stressful, for example you may look forward to finishing your coursework if you’re in school or college. Another way you can look at this is you might look forward to something unrelated to the stressful situation. It could be the thing that keeps you going.. for example you might be looking forward to seeing your friend who is coming. It is important to identify something in your near future to look forward to at the end of a stressful period of time.

5- What can resolve the stress you’re feeling. Sometimes it’s obvious what would alleviate your stress and other times you need a little help with figuring that out. This card should give you some insight into what will make the problem less of a big deal.

6- Who is the person in your life who can make you feel less stressed. Not everyone thinks they have a person to talk to about their problems whom they feel comfortable around. If you definitely know that there’s a person like that in your life, then this card will represent them. For those who don’t think they have anyone like that in their life, this card may very well be surprising when it identifies someone who they might not have considered as helpful.

7- Why is this particular thing so stressful to you. After figuring out from the previous cards in the spread why you’re stressed and how to resolve that stress, you might be curious to know why that particular thing is so stressful to you. This card should dig deep into the darker realms of your mind to help you understand yourself and your triggers.

8- Eventual outcome. This card can be interpreted in a few different ways. If it’s a case of you worrying about an event that is coming up in your life, then this card will signify whether that event will be positive or negative. It may even give you more details about the event, however you might want to choose an extra card for more details and clarification. If you’re stressed because you’ve had a lot on your mind or you feel overworked for example, then this card should let you know what lies ahead after the stressful period.

6 thoughts on “Stress Relieving Tarot Spread

  1. It works! I gave the spread a go. The outcome was ironic at best. I used my starter tarot deck. Its art is raw but with accurate explanations right on the card. The spread is uplifting. Your explanation, your prose is delightful! I bookmarked this for the future.

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