Pick a Card

On Instagram I like to do ‘pick a card’ at least once a week. Many other tarot readers do it and it can be a bit of fun. Basically I put a picture on Instagram of 3 overturned tarot cards, you then focus on the cards and choose one then scroll down for the interpretation of the card you chose.

I decided to do a ‘pick a card’ on here too, so if you want to have a go then please pick a card ⬇️



First Card – The World

If you chose this card then you should be very happy. It’s one of my favourite cards and is the last card in the major arcana. You’re an old soul and people often come to you with their problems as they know you will share your wisdom and experience with them. Although you’re highly intelligent, there are a few things in life that you can’t get your head around, recently however you’ve had a moment of realisation. It’s like a light has been turned on and you can finally see things as they really are. Be careful how you use this new found knowledge, people may disagree with your analysis.

Second Card – Nine Of Swords

If you chose the second card then you might have been feeling stressed and anxious recently. You’re a deep thinker who is prone to worrying and you feel like you’ve been in quite a dark place stressing about things that are coming up in your life. Luckily for you, your quick wit and keen ability to plan ahead will prepare you well for any challenges that come up in the next few weeks and months. Remember that the worry itself is worse than the challenge.

Third Card – Six Of Wands

This card represents a person who is currently in quite a calm and peaceful place. You may have just ended a relationship with someone who wasn’t good for you or quit a job you didn’t like. You’ve come from a dark place and are now in a better place, however you’re not out of the woods yet, there is more hardship to come. The difficult place you’re heading to is not half as bad as the dark place you came from so try not to worry. Enjoy this moment of relief and contentment while it lasts.

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