Is It Wrong To Do A Tarot Reading On Someone Without Their Permission?

I do readings for myself on a daily basis. My readings are either for me or a general reading to put on my Instagram page. The ethical conundrum of whether you can do a tarot reading on someone else without their consent rarely comes up for me on a personal level, but it may come up when I’m doing a reading for someone else and I know it’s an issue that many tarot readers like to debate.

A lot of tarot readers say it’s okay when you’re new to the tarot because you’re just practicing and sometimes doing readings about other people can be helpful.

The following spreads show two different ways you can get insight into a situation. One looks into the life of someone without their consent and the other only looks at the querent’s life.

Will my ex come back to me? (Spread 1)

1 – What did the relationship mean to me

2 – What did the relationship mean to my ex

3 – Does my ex still think about me

4 – Does my ex want me back

Will my ex come back to me? (Spread 2)

1 – What did the relationship mean to me

2 – Will I I move on

3 – What can I do to get my ex back?

4 – Outcome

These two spreads involve the same query but they are very different. The first one will enable the reader to look into the mind and life of the ex. Whomever the ex may be, he or she may not be happy about it if he/she knew.

The second spread focuses on the querent’s life and any knowledge gained from this reading will be about the querent and how they can either move on or change to attract their ex back. It won’t give any information about the ex.

Personally I’d use either spread depending on the situation and what the querent wants to know. Whether you’re a tarot reader who thinks it’s wrong or not, you must remember that the tarot is used as a way to gain insight into matters that are otherwise a mystery to us. The lives of others can be a mystery and although it isn’t right to poke around in others peoples lives for no reason, there are circumstances when it might be necessary.

I’d like to hear other people’s thoughts on this. I also wonder, if you wanted your ex back which spread would you choose?


8 thoughts on “Is It Wrong To Do A Tarot Reading On Someone Without Their Permission?

  1. My first inclination is to protect the secret inner life of the third person by not doing a reading that would disclose his or her mind/heart. As a general rule, in my mind, people have a basic right to their own inner lives. The exception is if the inner mind/heart of that third person might lead somehow to the harm of the person requesting the reading. There is a similar mode of thinking with respect to legal privilege in the United States. In a “prior lifetime,” I graduated from law school, and I remember studying when a lawyer could or could not disclose to authorities privileged communication with his client. It came down to if the client indicated something that, if not disclosed, might reasonably lead to someone else’s harm. On your question about wanting my ex back (or similarly inquiring about a possible future relationship with someone with whom I have yet to have a relationship), I would want to know what is in their mind/heart. There can be many reasons why a person holds back from resuming or commencing a relationship that have little or nothing to do with that person’s inner mind/heart, let alone their interest level in me. If I could see that they are interested, but just held back for other reasons, then I could have a basis for hope. If I could see that they are not interested, then I could decide faster to cut bait and to fish elsewhere. Life is what we make of it. We are not bound and gagged to the Tarot, but it is very helpful to know if the overall orientation is favorable or unfavorable.

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    • I agree that it is wrong to delve into the lives of people without their permission. You make a good point about the person harming others or themselves though, that would be an exception.

      If I wanted to know if my ex wanted me back, I’d probably feel the need to understand their thoughts about me, and so like you I’d probably end up asking questions about his life and mindset without his consent. I haven’t ever done that though haha but I understand why people would do that kind of reading.

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  2. I guess, for me, it would depend on the purpose. I think it would be wrong if it was intended to create any kind of an interference with the other person or if the other person would have disliked it.

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  4. Nothing in anybody else’s heart or mind has any power over me unless I decide to let it influence my focus, so who cares what they’re up to? Usually boring crap, anyway.

    A better use of my time is training myself to focus on my desires with belief and expectation and allowing it all to come easily. Only people taking score out there are the one’s worried they’re losing.

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