Tarot Readings Update

I’ve been offering email Tarot readings for about 8 months now. Doing it all online was quite new to me and it has definitely been a learning curve.

Up until now, this is how it worked; someone would purchase a reading, I’d then get a notification telling me their name and email address. I’d then email them and ask them what they’d like the reading to be about. Sometimes I’d also request their birth date or star sign.

The problem that I could see with it being done this way was that I was pretty much expecting someone to purchase a reading without entering in any information. Someone might not know that I’d receive a message with their email address in it.

More often than not, the querent wanted the reading to focus on a specific area of their lives but with no way to input that information when making their purchase, they had no idea what to expect. If I didn’t get in touch with them to ask about the nature of their query, they might have expected a general reading which would have been disappointing for them.

I have now finally solved the issue by creating an online form. I honestly didn’t know you could make an online form with a payment button for free. Whether you want a Tarot reading or you want to have a go at making your own forms, I suggest you click the button below for a bit of a nosey.

A second issue I’ve encountered, usually happens on Instagram. I often get messages from people who want a quick ‘one card’ reading or a ‘one question’ reading. In the past I’d do this free of charge to anyone who asked. I thought it was a great way to demonstrate my divination skills and maybe they’d pass on the word and help me gain more customers, sadly it didn’t work like that.

Ive noticed that if you give something away for free, people will not appreciate it, in fact they will think less of you and the thing you’re giving away. I’d get them asking question after question until I’d pretty much given them a full reading for free. This is of course unfair to all of my paying customers.

I also noticed that there was a trend on Instagram where fellow psychics and Tarot readers would ask another psychic or Tarot reader for a free reading just so they could go around and give them bad reviews and make themselves look like the better reader. Fortunately no one ever did this to me, and it’s not something that a lot of Tarot readers were doing, in fact the majority of Tarot readers on Instagram are lovely people and I feel blessed that I am able to communicate with other readers from all over the world… However, due to the minority of nasty Instagram readers and cheeky querents, I stopped offering free ‘one card’ readings.

Back to the Point I want to make, because of the high demand for quick readings, I’ve decided to offer mini readings for just £1. My aim is to deliver a reading on the same day.

I will use 2 cards rather than 1 because I still think it’s important to get a full picture reading. Just like the detailed reading, it will be attached in PDF format to an email and will include a photograph of the cards drawn.

I am obviously not gonna make any real money from offering readings for £1 (PayPal takes a bit so it’ll be even less than that) I’m only charging something to stop people taking the micky.

If you want to ask a question then click the button below 😊⬇️


8 thoughts on “Tarot Readings Update

  1. That is such an interesting approach (and probably not a coincidence I clicked on exactly those 2 posts today …) I’m living off texting and I got talked into a pretty cheap deal, now I’m being treated like some uni student who has no clue and can afford to live with their parents … In marketing terms, never sell yourself under prize, or give things away for free as you say, nothing good comes from it …

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    • I’m sorry to hear you got talked into a cheap deal. Things are really difficult these days with people having yo work from home. It’s so true that if you sell yourself short, people take advantage and it doesn’t help you or the customers.

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      • Thank you. That’s the thing with working from home; you still can’t do it for free 😉
        That deal felt wrong from the start but I’m happy I did try; better than not trying at all. Now I need to get out of it …
        Good luck with your readings. I truly believe, if you built it, they will come

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      • Thank you 😊 and yes that’s true we all still need to make a living even if its from home haha.
        I agree it’s always worth trying because you can learn from your experiences that way. I hope you sort things out soon 🙂


  2. This is so close to heart for me because I was reading my Runes last night asking myself a similar question about offering free services and I received two messages through the Runes that stuck out which I thought you might also enjoy…
    1. Uruz – Wild Ox (vital forces)
    2. Ehwaz – Horse (journey)
    The first thought that came to me was how both the Ox and the Horse are often used to help people on their journey, and although the horse & ox do not get paid in coin they are provided for in every way, ultimately everything that they need is available through nature or the humans who they pull the carts for.
    So for myself I took that to mean that as long as I am fulfilling my purpose my needs will be provided for in some way so there is no reason to stress about how much I choose to charge. Though I have absolutely seen the dramatic difference in results between people who give back in some way and people who only take.
    This was an inspiring read and reaffirmed my messages from the Divine last night, thank you for sharing!

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    • Thank you so much 😊 that’s amazing that you got that answer. It’s very clear like you said that your needs will be provided for as long as you’re fulfilling your purpose, which is the important thing!

      Even charging £1 or £2 doesn’t completely weed out the people who want to take advantage but it’s still worth it because people who don’t have a lot of money can still get guidance. Free readings are perfectly fine but I definitely think that you get the right kind of customers if you charge just a little bit.


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