Pick a Card

Another pick a card! πŸ˜€ Focus on your intention and your query and then mentally choose a card. Scroll down to reveal the cards and their interpretations.

1 – You have been feeling empowered recently like You’ve been able to take control of your life and get everything in order. You’ve been feeling healthier from giving up or cutting down on some unhealthy habits and you feel a lot more positive about the future. Instead of feeling dominant over others by putting them down, you have taken the much more admirable route of pushing yourself higher than others with the use of hard work and imagination. Keep up with your current positive state and you will go far!

2 – You’ve been having a lot of worrying thoughts, they’re not the usual worries people have about money, love and career but they’re of a more existential nature. You worry about aging, death and your lack of time here on this planet. You question why you’re here sometimes and you fear that you’ve not done enough in the time you’ve had so far. Insomnia is likely to be affecting you right now. The best thing you can do at the moment is try to focus on a hobby or something that makes you happy and try to find meaning in achieving happiness rather than in achieving goals and status.

3 – There are ups and downs in pretty much everything you choose to do. You’ve worked hard to get where you are but with doing this, you’ve lost a part of yourself. You’ve lost your naivety and childlike wonder.. that spark that made you different from the rest. Perhaps you need to decide whether financial stability is worth it when it has taken so much from you. You may realise that you were actually more comfortable in a menial position where the people around you saw you as an equal rather than as someone to look up to. You have a lot of responsibility where you are, is it worth it?

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