Daily Card (24th May)

Another card from the Light Visions deck. I decided to take the picture with its box since the box looks so cool 😀 Mr Voodoo poppet man has made yet another appearance too.

Do you ever look at the world and realise how corrupt it is? do you notice that it sometimes feels like bad triumphs over good and that kind people are meant to suffer? well you’re not alone in that way of thinking. We all go through periods where we notice only the negative and feel like life is unfair. The good news is that it’s not always the case that bad people get away with it, they will be caught. Whether or not you believe in karma, an afterlife or the more scientific view of ’cause and effect’ Any negative action has consequences which happen to the person perpetrating those actions. The world is not completely unfair, there is a balance. Try to see the positive side. Turn off the news and watch something happy for a while.

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