Long Time No See

I must first apologise for not using WordPress for almost a year, not only have I not posted anything but I haven’t been on it to read other people’s posts. It had been a busy and stressful year and so I took a break from a lot of things to mainly focus on music and writing an album.

I decided recently to cancel my premium WordPress plan since I wasn’t really using it, so by April time, this website will probably look a lot different. I’ve heard horrible stories of people’s blog posts disappearing after changing WordPress plans so I don’t know if this will happen to me, I can only hope it doesn’t.

I don’t want to stop using WordPress, I just don’t want to pay for it as I will no longer be using it to host my Tarot reading services. I plan on using this as a place to blog and update (Which was my original intention) I also enjoy giving advice on Tarot reading, Witchcraft and the paranormal and I love to learn more about it too from the other bloggers on here.

I do have an eBay shop where I sell Witch supplies and candles, but I will no longer be selling anything here, I will however update you on the things I’ve made.

As you can see above, I’ve been busy making witch crafts and candle magick kits. This has been a lot of fun as one of the first things I tried when getting into witchcraft was to use candles and spell jars to manifest intentions. I believe it’s definitely the gateway into the whole witchcraft world.


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