Daily Card (2nd June 2022)

Today’s card is the King of Swords from the Light Visions Tarot deck.

Whether it’s a decision you need to make or a setback, you need to use logic to make your next move. Don’t make any decisions based purely on emotion. Try and take yourself out of the situation and work out what you’d advise someone to do if they were in your shoes. Don’t doubt your own intelligence, take some time to consider your options and take a rational decision.


Daily Card (1st June 2022)

Today’s card is The Chariot from the Light Visions Tarot deck

The journey you’re about to embark on will be filled with lots of ups and downs. You need to maintain your self confidence to end up at the correct destination. Don’t be discouraged by the setbacks and try not to give into self doubt, it is determination that will get you to your end goal, not luck!

Daily Card (31st May 2022)

Today’s card was picked from the Light Visions Tarot deck and we have the Five of Swords!

If you’re the kind of person who over thinks social interactions and conversations you had the day before, then you are probably not feeling good about a recent conversation you had that turned ugly. Instead of focusing on what you said, try to remember what they said! It’s time to look at it from their point of view, maybe an apology is in order.

Daily Card (25th June 2021)

This will be the last card I pick from the Psycards for a while. I’ll go to an oracle deck next I think.

When you feel different from the people around you, it can be a little lonely. It makes you question whether you’re even human, especially when you look at the state of the world and the cruelty that humans inflict on other humans, animals and the planet in general. You can end up feeling like a stranger on a stage where terrifying events are taking place and all you can do is watch them happen… But instead of idly watching the horror, the corruption and the destruction of our world, make a move! Do something about it. If we all do something small, it creates something big.

Daily Card (24th June 2021)

Another card from the Psycards deck!

It’s not just our freedom of choice that shapes who we are and where we’re going, we all seem to be pulled in the direction we end up taking. Look for the signs that will let you know where your destiny lies. The universe has a plan for you and it will let you know with subtle clues. The reason skeptics don’t see the paranormal and the unexplained is because they choose not too, conversely believers choose to see the paranormal and therefore may see magic in something commonplace. Try to be in the middle, be open! But don’t look too hard into everything!