Tarot Readings Update

I’ve been offering email Tarot readings for about 8 months now. Doing it all online was quite new to me and it has definitely been a learning curve.

Up until now, this is how it worked; someone would purchase a reading, I’d then get a notification telling me their name and email address. I’d then email them and ask them what they’d like the reading to be about. Sometimes I’d also request their birth date or star sign.

The problem that I could see with it being done this way was that I was pretty much expecting someone to purchase a reading without entering in any information. Someone might not know that I’d receive a message with their email address in it.

More often than not, the querent wanted the reading to focus on a specific area of their lives but with no way to input that information when making their purchase, they had no idea what to expect. If I didn’t get in touch with them to ask about the nature of their query, they might have expected a general reading which would have been disappointing for them.

I have now finally solved the issue by creating an online form. I honestly didn’t know you could make an online form with a payment button for free. Whether you want a Tarot reading or you want to have a go at making your own forms, I suggest you click the button below for a bit of a nosey.

A second issue I’ve encountered, usually happens on Instagram. I often get messages from people who want a quick ‘one card’ reading or a ‘one question’ reading. In the past I’d do this free of charge to anyone who asked. I thought it was a great way to demonstrate my divination skills and maybe they’d pass on the word and help me gain more customers, sadly it didn’t work like that.

Ive noticed that if you give something away for free, people will not appreciate it, in fact they will think less of you and the thing you’re giving away. I’d get them asking question after question until I’d pretty much given them a full reading for free. This is of course unfair to all of my paying customers.

I also noticed that there was a trend on Instagram where fellow psychics and Tarot readers would ask another psychic or Tarot reader for a free reading just so they could go around and give them bad reviews and make themselves look like the better reader. Fortunately no one ever did this to me, and it’s not something that a lot of Tarot readers were doing, in fact the majority of Tarot readers on Instagram are lovely people and I feel blessed that I am able to communicate with other readers from all over the world… However, due to the minority of nasty Instagram readers and cheeky querents, I stopped offering free ‘one card’ readings.

Back to the Point I want to make, because of the high demand for quick readings, I’ve decided to offer mini readings for just £1. My aim is to deliver a reading on the same day.

I will use 2 cards rather than 1 because I still think it’s important to get a full picture reading. Just like the detailed reading, it will be attached in PDF format to an email and will include a photograph of the cards drawn.

I am obviously not gonna make any real money from offering readings for £1 (PayPal takes a bit so it’ll be even less than that) I’m only charging something to stop people taking the micky.

If you want to ask a question then click the button below 😊⬇️


Mystery Tarot Box

Not too long ago, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I came across someone offering tarot readings by snail mail. She explained how the readings would be personalised and hand written, this really intrigued me. It sounded like such a beautiful idea.

I was considering offering the same service to my clients, and it got me thinking about why people really do like to receive handwritten readings. It definitely makes it more special and receiving anything in the mail (excluding bills and junk mail) is always quite exciting.

After a while of thinking, I realised that there are other ways to spice up a Tarot reading. Imagine winding down for the evening, lighting some scented candles or melting down some fragrant wax melts whilst sipping a nice herbal tea and reading about what’s in store for you in the coming weeks and months. I began forming the idea that reading a letter containing your Tarot reading could be an event, it doesn’t have to just stop at the reading.. it could incorporate a rune, a good luck charm for the future, an energy charged crystal, a love potion etc it could be a box of treats!

With the current pandemic and lockdowns in place in various towns and cities in the UK and social distancing in force pretty much worldwide, less people are going out to sit with a psychic or tarot reader.. but that doesn’t mean that people don’t want those services, it just means they’d rather get their readings done without having to be face to face with someone.

For the past few months I have only been offering my services online so my clients receive their readings in an email. Since there is no evidence that packages and letters spread Covid, then why not send Tarot readings in the post? And why not include lots of little complimentary items to enhance the whole tarot reading experience.

My idea came into fruition when I made my first Tarot Mystery box. The most exciting part of putting together this box of goodies was actually the building of the box. I could have gone for a generic gift box that you can buy in bulk online but none of them looked how I wanted them to. I have always liked monochrome things so I wanted them to be black and white so I decorated them to look how I wanted them to. There’s nothing particularly amazing about these boxes, I just love the aesthetic.

Deciding what goes into a box is all based on the Tarot reading. The client has no idea what they’re getting hence the name ‘Mystery box’. The theme of the Tarot reading determines what goes in the box.

One issue I could think of with this idea is that some people might be wary about purchasing a mystery box, especially someone with allergies. Something that is very fragrant might irritate certain people and the ingredients used in a herbal tea might not agree with some people. I may add to the description that people with allergies should let me know before purchasing. I should mention here that I don’t plan on putting anything in the box that could be considered offensive, for example you won’t find a crow’s foot in there or a vial of goat’s blood. Everything in the box will be tasteful.

Having said that everything in the boxes will be tasteful, that doesn’t mean that sometime in the future I won’t make other types of mystery boxes with a darker theme. I just love the idea of mystery boxes! I have actually purchased other kinds of mystery boxes in the past and it is incredibly fun and exciting. It’s that feeling you get when you’re a child on your birthday looking at a pile of presents not knowing what to expect but hoping that they got you what you’d been begging them for.

The mystery box is in my shop at the moment and there is a general reading version and a love reading version. I plan on putting them in my Ebay and Etsy shop soon but for now they’re in limited supply so they’re only on my website. Check it out if you’re interested.