Daily Card (30th November 2020)

Today’s card was drawn from the Light Visions Tarot deck.

It’s great when a new project or business takes off, some might say there’s nothing better than watching all of your plans come into fruition. There is a downside to this though, with success comes more stress! It’s great that things are finally happening for you and you’re able to make money from doing what you love, but recently you’ve been feeling overwhelmed rather than excited. Don’t feel pressured to do everything immediately and don’t stress over little things that can’t be helped. This is a learning curve and you will soon realise some tricks to get things done well without stressing all the time.

Daily Card (1st November 2020)

Today’s card was drawn from the Moonology Oracle deck.

You may have found yourself agreeing to do something for someone and wishing you didn’t or maybe you’ve signed up to something or joined something and you’re having second thoughts. There is a reason you’re in two minds about it, you need to look at the bigger picture and determine if it is worth it for you. You need to figure out if you benefit from this or whether it might end up being detrimental to your wellbeing.

Daily Card (8th August 2020)

Today’s reading was done using the Light Visions Tarot deck.

Whatever you do in life, it’s going to make some kind of impact, even if it’s small. You are now starting to be rewarded for your hardwork. You’ve heard the phrase ‘You get out what you put in’ today is the day you really notice that happening. This doesn’t have to refer to work or a business, this can apply to a relationship. If you nurture a relationship, it will eventually bloom.. Or die. The good news for you is that it’s blooming!

Daily Card (4th August 2020)

Today’s card is from the Tarot Familiars deck.

Today you need to realise how amazing you are at handling difficult times. Look back at moments in your life where you were incredibly stressed, think about how you handled it and understand just how strong you are. You don’t give yourself enough credit, but you are actually very good at keeping things balanced and not becoming overwhelmed during hectic times. To move forward, keep in mind that you can face anything that comes your way and you have the patience to make the right decisions.

Daily Card (3rd August 2020)

Since I like there to be a row of three pictures on Instagram that look similar, I drew today’s card from the Tarot Familiars deck again.

Maybe recently you’ve been feeling like you’ve hit rock bottom. Nothing at the moment is going to plan, you’re stuck in a rut and you feel like there’s no escape. You see other people going forwards but remember that it doesn’t mean you’re going backwards. Today you need to think long and hard about why you are where you are so you can figure out how you can do things better this time. You haven’t messed up, your life has just taken an unplanned detour.

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