Daily Card (24th May)

Another card from the Light Visions deck. I decided to take the picture with its box since the box looks so cool 😀 Mr Voodoo poppet man has made yet another appearance too.

Do you ever look at the world and realise how corrupt it is? do you notice that it sometimes feels like bad triumphs over good and that kind people are meant to suffer? well you’re not alone in that way of thinking. We all go through periods where we notice only the negative and feel like life is unfair. The good news is that it’s not always the case that bad people get away with it, they will be caught. Whether or not you believe in karma, an afterlife or the more scientific view of ’cause and effect’ Any negative action has consequences which happen to the person perpetrating those actions. The world is not completely unfair, there is a balance. Try to see the positive side. Turn off the news and watch something happy for a while.

Voodoo Dolls

I really enjoy needle felting and I love the look of voodoo dolls so it was only a matter of time before I needle felted one. The first one I made turned out pretty good, I’m fairly pleased with him and he will most likely feature in a few of my daily card posts.

Mr Voodoo doll the first

I had a plan to make a more feminine looking doll and I had this gorgeous looking pink roving wool that I wanted to use for her hair. I was glad with the way she turned out however her hair kept sticking out so I ended up having to braid it. I accidentally used the same roving wool for the heart instead of my other pink wool and it did not play well when I was trying to shape it, so the heart didn’t come out as nicely as I’d hoped. I have since re-shaped it after taking these pictures.

Mrs Voodoo doll the first

I did have concerns about cultural appropriation because Haitian Vodou is a real religion and they have been wanting people to take their religion more seriously instead of having us all believe the Hollywood approach to voodoo dolls.

I therefore could describe my dolls as poppets which is a different kind of doll used for sympathetic magick, and I do have the right to create these and use them. I have an article on poppets where I talk about making them as I also sew poppets as well as needle felt them. You can read it here: https://morgantarot.co.uk/2020/08/01/spell-dolls-and-poppets/

The reason the title of this post is ‘Voodoo Dolls’ is because they have the aesthetic of the Hollywood version of a Voodoo doll and this is because they are intended to be decorative. They are not meant to be used in sympathetic magick, although you could if you wanted. They just look pretty to me and represent no religion or belief system. They are simply dolls and that is all.

Another of my dolls

I was thinking of putting them in my shop but as custom made to order dolls. I’d like for people to be able to design their own doll and have me make it rather than make a load of dolls and sell them as is.

I’m currently working with someone to make little coffin boxes for them to be placed in for when I choose to sell them, I think it’d suit the aesthetic.

I’ll let you know when they’re available.. anyway I’ll end this post by explaining that I’ve decided to make a blog section on my website that doesn’t have to be about the paranormal or Tarot, and this is what this post comes under since it’s not quite ‘paranormal’ it’s more like an update or shop news I suppose haha.