Daily Card (19th August 2020)

Today’s card was drawn from the Tarot Familiars deck.

Today you may be feeling a bit emotional and on edge. It could be the films you’ve been watching, but at the same time you think your intuition is trying to tell you something. Remember how powerful the mind is! Sometimes we’re easily influenced without realising it. In this instance you should trust your intuition to a certain extent but don’t completely rely on it to make a big decision.


Tarot Familiars Deck

I haven’t written a blog post recently as I’d been having a rather hectic week. It was also my birthday yesterday and although I couldn’t go out to celebrate because of the lockdown restrictions still in place, I still had a full on day.

One of the gifts I received for my birthday was the ‘Tarot Familiars’ deck. I’d seen pictures of this deck before and I’d always thought it looked pretty and magical.

It’s surprising that I hadn’t bought this deck myself since I love owls and there are a lot of owls in this deck as well as cats and wolves.

The cards are illustrated by Lisa Parker who is known for drawing animals in fantasy settings. I have always loved her illustrations, they’re so magical. You may have seen her pictures before as they’re used for lots of different things, in fact I have a dreamcatcher with one of her illustrations of an owl on it.

The only issue with these cards is that they’re not great for beginners who plan on analysing the imagery. The reason for this is that although the major arcana and court cards have beautiful illustrations, the minor arcana is very simple.

Minor arcana

As you can see in the picture above. For each suit there is a symbol and for each numbered card, there is an illustration of that symbol times by whatever number the card is.

For an experienced tarot reader who loves the magical illustrations of Lisa Parker and enjoys escaping into a witchy fantasy world then these are brilliant, I personally love this deck! For beginners, this deck might not be so easy to get to grips with. If for example, you haven’t got the meaning of the ‘four of cups’ memorised then the imagery in this deck won’t give you any clues.

The little booklet that comes with the cards has the interpretations in many different languages. In my circle of tarot reading friends I have actually noticed that most of the people who own this deck are not English speakers, in fact I know a lot of German people who have the Tarot Familiars as their main deck.

The interpretations in the booklet are quite basic so again, I’d like to emphasise that these cards aren’t ideal for beginners.

Another aspect I love about the cards is that they’re a nice shape, they’re quite long and thin which makes them much easier to shuffle than a lot of other tarot and oracle decks. They’re incredibly glossy and slippery though so you do end up with cards flying out of your hands occasionally.

All in all, I would recommend this deck to any tarot reader who likes their cards to be mystical and magical.

I shall end this mini review now as I’m about to do a month by month reading for the rest of the year with these cards. If you enjoyed reading this post, then please consider making a donation so that I can afford new decks to review 😊