Daily Card (10th July 2020)

Again the card of the day was drawn from the Psycards deck. I will probably try a ‘pick a card’ tomorrow, or something like that instead of a daily Card. Sometimes, I like to do something different at the weekend.

Today’s card is ‘Beauty’ and it’s a lovely card, in fact the picture on it is the one used on the box that the cards came in.

The message from the Beauty card is that nothing is truly perfect and that even if you try really hard at something, you shouldn’t become distressed when it doesn’t go to plan. You don’t have to be a perfectionist to get great results. There is beauty in the imperfections and the mistakes we make. In traditional Japanese aesthetics, there is a term called wabi-sabi which means that something imperfect and incomplete can be beautiful. Today you should try to be less of a perfectionist.. let the little mistakes happen and learn to love them.


Unless you’re a pilot, flight engineer or airplane enthusiast, you’ll probably find it difficult to clearly visualise a plane. You know it’s got wings, landing gear, cockpit etc but if I asked you to draw a plane without looking at a picture of one, you’d probably end up missing a lot of detail out.

Why is it so difficult to visualise something you’ve seen many times? We’ve all seen planes in films, TV shows, on the news and of course most of us have seen them in real life too. It’s not just objects that we’ve seen before a few times, even things we see every single day will cause us problems when we’re asked to visualise or draw them.

If you go outside and try to picture each room in your house, you’ll find yourself thinking of an overall image, you won’t be able to picture every little detail or see the exact colour and pattern of things. You’ll have a rough idea of where objects are placed in the room but you’ll still miss out a lot of details and even some objects.

You may have heard that there are people in this world who are lucky enough to have a photographic memory or an eidetic memory. Although there has been small pieces of evidence to support the existence of these special talents within some people, it is believed that these talents don’t actually exist. There have been a small number of people who have managed to train their mind to hold into an image of something they’ve just looked at for a few seconds, however when recalling the image, even these people aren’t 100% accurate.

I believe that we do have the capacity to remember every detail of everything we’ve seen aswell as remember every single day of our lives. In fact there is some evidence that all of us remember pretty much everything, we just can’t access the memories in our normal conscious state.

As a touring musician I’ve experienced sleep deprivation many times. It is in this state that I’ve been able to access memories and images that I wouldn’t normally be able to.

On one occasion, I’d been awake for around 48 hours, as I finally drifted off to sleep, I closed my eyes and saw the faces of some of the neighbours I had growing up. I hadn’t seen these people for over 20 years and yet it was like looking at a photograph of them. I then imagined painting them. Every brush stroke and every bit of detail was so vivid and clear and the end result was pretty amazing, yet in reality I can’t paint. I can’t come up with the faces of people I used to know and remember every little detail about them.

I know people might say that I only thought everything was detailed and clear because I was half asleep, but I know for sure that it really was detailed, I just can’t prove it. There have been other times where I’ve seen clear scenes from childhood in a sleep deprived state.

I’m not alone, many other people have had similar experiences when drifting off to sleep, especially if they’re sleep deprived. Other people have had these kinds of experiences after taking certain drugs, in particular hallucinogenics.

The reason why this is so strange is because it implies that we do store everything we see and experience but we’re unable to access it when we want, but why? Is our brain like a computer? would it overheat if we kept accessing all the information we have in our mind. Are dreams the equivalent of a computer playing a screen saver when it’s in power saving mode? When we’re drifting off to sleep, parts of our brain shut down, is it then possible to access memories in this state because there’s no danger of overheating?

As crazy as I sound, it’s still weird that these memories and images are locked away somewhere for possibly no reason. Maybe they’ll come in handy in the afterlife?

Is It Wrong To Do A Tarot Reading On Someone Without Their Permission?

I do readings for myself on a daily basis. My readings are either for me or a general reading to put on my Instagram page. The ethical conundrum of whether you can do a tarot reading on someone else without their consent rarely comes up for me on a personal level, but it may come up when I’m doing a reading for someone else and I know it’s an issue that many tarot readers like to debate.

A lot of tarot readers say it’s okay when you’re new to the tarot because you’re just practicing and sometimes doing readings about other people can be helpful.

The following spreads show two different ways you can get insight into a situation. One looks into the life of someone without their consent and the other only looks at the querent’s life.

Will my ex come back to me? (Spread 1)

1 – What did the relationship mean to me

2 – What did the relationship mean to my ex

3 – Does my ex still think about me

4 – Does my ex want me back

Will my ex come back to me? (Spread 2)

1 – What did the relationship mean to me

2 – Will I I move on

3 – What can I do to get my ex back?

4 – Outcome

These two spreads involve the same query but they are very different. The first one will enable the reader to look into the mind and life of the ex. Whomever the ex may be, he or she may not be happy about it if he/she knew.

The second spread focuses on the querent’s life and any knowledge gained from this reading will be about the querent and how they can either move on or change to attract their ex back. It won’t give any information about the ex.

Personally I’d use either spread depending on the situation and what the querent wants to know. Whether you’re a tarot reader who thinks it’s wrong or not, you must remember that the tarot is used as a way to gain insight into matters that are otherwise a mystery to us. The lives of others can be a mystery and although it isn’t right to poke around in others peoples lives for no reason, there are circumstances when it might be necessary.

I’d like to hear other people’s thoughts on this. I also wonder, if you wanted your ex back which spread would you choose?

Thornton Abbey

Thornton Abbey is only a 15 minute car journey away from where I live. I used to love visiting there when I was a child. It lies in ruins today, but the gatehouse is still intact. On the last Sunday of every month, the doors to the gatehouse would be opened for the public to go inside and explore.

The gatehouse

Now for a little history.. Thornton Abbey was a medieval abbey located close to the small North Lincolnshire village of Thornton.

It was founded as a priory in 1139 by William le Gros, the Earl of Yorkshire, and raised to the status of abbey in 1148. It was a house for Augustinian or black canons, who lived a communal life under the Rule of St Augustine.

The abbey was closed in 1539 by Henry The Eighth as part of the ‘Dissolution of the monesteries’. Thornton was a wealthy and prestigious house valued at the dissolution at the considerable sum of £591 0s 2¾d. It managed to survive by becoming a secular college, until it was closed in 1547.

I always thought the abbey had to be haunted! Although I’ve been there many times and not experienced anything paranormal.

It is said that the abbey is haunted by Thomas de Greetham who was the 14th Abbot of Thornton. He was said to have been a practitioner of the black arts and a dabbler in witchcraft. His crimes against the church didn’t go unpunished.

He was taken to a dark room in the depths of the monastery where he was bricked up alive and left to die alone in the darkness.

A few years ago, his skeleton was found in a little bricked up room along with a book and a candle stick. Imagine that the lack of oxygen didn’t kill him and he had to wait to die of thirst. I bet it was upsetting when the candle burned down to the wick and he had no light left to read.

His apparition has been seen around the grounds of Thornton Abbey or standing in the shadowy corners of the towering gatehouse, where it is not difficult to imagine that dark forces are hard at work.

Thornton Abbey ruins

Ghostly monks and abbots are to be expected and there are a lot of local people who have seen parades of ghostly monks walking around the grounds of the Abbey.

Some people have seen other ghostly shapes that didn’t quite fit in with the history such as ghost children and women in white. It wasn’t until 2013 that these ghostly sightings could be explained.

Archaeological work by the University of Sheffield began in 2011. In 2013, excavations of a natural mound to the south of the inner precinct wall identified a feature that turned out to be a mass grave. In 2016, DNA was successfully extracted and it tested positive for Yersinia pestis which is the bacterium responsible for the plague.

Remains of plague victims discovered in the grounds of Thornton Abbey

Thornton Abbey was home to a plague pit! All those times as a kid I explored the grounds, completely unaware that beneath my feet was the remains of plague victims.

I only recently learned about the archaeological dig. It’s been years since I visited Thornton Abbey, so as soon as it opens again, I’m definitely going back!

List of The Darkest Tarot Decks

If you enjoy the darker side of things then these tarot decks might be for you. I personally prefer decks which are mysterious looking. There are lots of cute tarot and oracle decks and I’ll probably make a post about them some time, but for now here is a list of my favourite scary dark tarot decks.

The Dark Mansion Tarot

This whimsically dark deck is wonderful to look at with lots of little details. The symbolism is based on the Rider Waite deck but it has a completely different feel to it. The artwork reminds me of the ‘Deviant Moon’ deck and also makes me think of Tim Burton movies.

Gothic Tarot

These beautiful cards by Anne Stokes are filled with darkness. They have a more contemporary feel about them even though they depict classic mythical Creatures such as vampires, bats, unicorns and dragons.

Prisma/Light Visions

Both the Prisma and Light Visions deck were created by LA artist James R Eads. These imaginative decks have captured the attention of many tarot readers and non tarot readers alike and is now considered a cult classic. They look incredibly dark and mysterious and feel as though they can impart magical wisdom with every reading. Both decks look very similar and have almost the same illustrations however the light visions is monochrome and the prisma visions is in colour.

Occult Tarot

It’s one thing to look dark and scary, but some decks are more than that. The Occult Tarot deck by author and Occultist, Travis McHenry is the first tarot deck to faithfully adhere to the Solomonic principles of demon conjuration, the Occult Tarot allows practitioners to discover the power of ancient Demons and learn to tame the beasts that wander between the physical and spiritual worlds.

The Demon-Possessed Tarot

Another deck by Travis McHenry is the Demon-Possessed Tarot. I’m not sure if this deck has been released yet however there is a kickstarter page for it. According to its description, this deck captures the essence of every demon of the Goetia and traps them in the cards.  The cards look like they’re authentic copies from a deck created in the 1600s by a conjurer and then hidden away in the wall of a castle for four hundred years. This deck feels ancient and mystical. Each card is said to be truly unique with a life all of its own.

Thoth Tarot

Famous occultist Aleister Crowley was once considered the most wicked man in the world. It is no wonder that many people including some tarot readers fear Crowley’s Thoth deck. Apart from it being considered a difficult deck to get into, and also terrifyingly evil, the artwork by Lady Frieda Harris is actually very pretty with its geometric shapes and bright block colours. What makes it dark and mysterious is that Aleister Crowley combined the motives of the tarot with the worlds of magic, alchemy, astrology and Kabbala, and with the myths of ancient cultures, especially Egyptian. When you play with these cards, you tap into another world.

Special Mention ⬇️

Gummy Bear Tarot

I had to include this unusual deck somewhere. Why is it dark? Well, seeing a poor little gummy bear hanging upside down is pretty dark to me, plus anything this happy must surely have a darker side.