Pick a Card

Another pick a card! 😀 Focus on your intention and your query and then mentally choose a card. Scroll down to reveal the cards and their interpretations.

1 – You have been feeling empowered recently like You’ve been able to take control of your life and get everything in order. You’ve been feeling healthier from giving up or cutting down on some unhealthy habits and you feel a lot more positive about the future. Instead of feeling dominant over others by putting them down, you have taken the much more admirable route of pushing yourself higher than others with the use of hard work and imagination. Keep up with your current positive state and you will go far!

2 – You’ve been having a lot of worrying thoughts, they’re not the usual worries people have about money, love and career but they’re of a more existential nature. You worry about aging, death and your lack of time here on this planet. You question why you’re here sometimes and you fear that you’ve not done enough in the time you’ve had so far. Insomnia is likely to be affecting you right now. The best thing you can do at the moment is try to focus on a hobby or something that makes you happy and try to find meaning in achieving happiness rather than in achieving goals and status.

3 – There are ups and downs in pretty much everything you choose to do. You’ve worked hard to get where you are but with doing this, you’ve lost a part of yourself. You’ve lost your naivety and childlike wonder.. that spark that made you different from the rest. Perhaps you need to decide whether financial stability is worth it when it has taken so much from you. You may realise that you were actually more comfortable in a menial position where the people around you saw you as an equal rather than as someone to look up to. You have a lot of responsibility where you are, is it worth it?


Pick a card

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while, this isn’t due to any big reason but rather lots of small ones. I keep pet rats and one of them has been very unwell so I’ve been back and fourth at the vets, I’m having my own problems with dental issues at the moment too. To top it off there’s an issue with our boiler and although I thought I’d initially fixed it by increasing the pressure, it now goes from 1 when the heating is off to 3 on the pressure gauge when it’s on. Grrr.. Just lots of problems that add up.. Anyway I’ve decided to do another ‘Pick a card’

Look at the cards below and the corresponding stones and let your intuition choose a card. Once you’ve mentally selected a card, scroll down for the reveal and the interpretations.

Card 1 – If you’ve been finding that you are full of exciting new ideas then this is great news! however is there a chance that you’re missing out on other big opportunities? You’re so wrapped up in doing the things you’re passionate about that you can’t see any other way of finding happiness. There are other more fulfilling and lucrative options but you’re unwilling to see them. You’d much prefer to nurture that project that gets you motivated. It’s the thing you think about first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Are you wrong to go down this road? No, but it’s not necessarily the best option for you.

2 – remember the good old days when you were a kid and things were simple? There was right and wrong, good and evil and none of that inbetween grey area. Sadly life isn’t as simple as that, there are many levels in between everything. You’ve been guilty of looking at things in a black and white fashion, almost like you want to categorise everything to make your life easier. You have your friends and your enemies, there are truth and there are lies however you are wrong to judge so quickly. Some people who seem to be bad have some good in them and most importantly remember that some lies have some truth in them.

3 – The Hermit is thought of as a sign to retreat and take time out. This is often the case but this is the Deviant Moon deck and things aren’t always what they seem. This time, this card represents you. You are different from the others, you have often felt left out and like you’re not a part of anything. You’ve always chosen you’re own path. You’re not afraid to show the real you and express your thoughts and opinions even if they’re controversial. It is important to acknowledge the fact that although you feel like an alien, you are human and humans enjoy companionship. It’s time to get out of your shell and reach out to others a little more. Have a conversation and even engage in a bit of small talk. Sometimes it’s fun to pretend to be normal, just for a little while.

Pick A Card

Instead of a daily card, I’ve decided to do a ‘pick a card’ although you get two cards for the price of one 😛 You get a ‘Tarot Mucha’ card and a ‘Devil’s Acre Lenormand’ Card.

Look at the different piles and try to focus on what you’d like to know, then select either 1, 2 or 3. Scroll down for your mini reading!

1 – You’ve been thinking about your past a lot recently. It’s not that you wish you could have done things differently, rather you wish you could go back to happier times. Things are rather boring and monotonous at the moment and you have a tendency to fantasise. What you may not realise is that you’re romanticising the past. You’re annoyed at the present time and so you’re getting nostalgic. You need to start making things happen now! you need to make memories so that your future self can look back at the magic you create now.

2 – You’ve learned a lot these past few months. One of the main things you’ve learned is how to handle your emotions better. You feel more emotionally mature and you’re ready to leave old habits behind. You’re done with being taken advantage of and you can’t keep living for other people. you’re an intelligent person who thinks too deeply sometimes but from now on, you’re not going to overthink everything, you’re gonna live for the moment and think about what you need and what you want. You’ve learned how to deal with pain and negative emotions, this year you need to learn how to be happy.

3 – Wow! I feel bad for anyone who picked 3. Both cards represent deceit and betrayal. Either you’ve done something that has betrayed someone or someone has betrayed you. It is likely that the deceit has not been found out yet. If you’re the one who has done something wrong, you need to own up and admit your mistake. The temptation to run away or bury your head in the sand may be strong but this isn’t the time to be selfish. If it is a case of someone else betraying you, then this person will come clean with you soon. Try to look at it from their point of view, they didn’t do this to hurt you.

How Do I Know Which Card To Pick?

When it comes to reading tarot cards, there is an issue that isn’t talked about enough. How do you know which card to pick?! You can shuffle the deck continuously, asking your questions and trying to sense which card feels right, but even then do you know it’s the right one?

When I first started reading with tarot cards, I used to just pick a card like you would if someone was asked to pick a card for a magic trick. I didn’t really put any thought into it. I mostly got the right results but the more I got into it, the more I started second guessing myself and worrying that I had chosen the wrong cards.

It didn’t take long for me to realise that I needed peace and quiet to conduct a reading, I needed to focus on my question and I needed to feel the cards and not look at them. When I did this, I started to feel a kind of energy around the cards, in my minds eye I could sense the direction if the card I was looking for, it just felt right. I’m not saying you should do as I do, but being completely focused and closing your eyes helps you to have faith that something will guide your hand. I can’t say for sure whether there is a magical force around the cards, it could just be in my head but it doesn’t matter if its magic, spirit guides, your higher self or your own brain, if it feels right then it’s good.

Sometimes even to this day, every now and then I’ll do a reading and one of the cards won’t feel right when I pick it, I then have to make the difficult decision to either put the card back and pull another, or stick with the card because I may have chosen it for a reason, even if it didn’t feel right. I hate it when this happens and other readers have complained about the same thing.

The best thing to do if you pick cards that don’t feel right is to stop. Sometimes you do just have a bad day. Sometimes the connection isn’t there. You could be suffering from stress and other issues in the back of your head and so the tarot reading is being affected. When this happens you need to go off, clear your head, ground yourself and maybe even meditate to try and prepare yourself to do a reading.

It gets a little tricky when you get that ‘wrong card’ feeling whilst you’re doing a reading for someone else face to face. You don’t want to look unprofessional and get another card and there is usually that feeling that maybe the card is right but you just couldn’t sense it. My advice would be to stick with the card. If you get it for every card and it’s just not working then you might have to be completely honest and admit you’re not feeling it.

Another problem with reading for others is, do you let the client pick the cards? I used to let clients pick the cards but Strangely with my latest working deck, I had to stop that. Some decks can be used by anyone and everyone and others seem to work best with the reader. I did a tarot reading for a friend when I got my latest deck, I wanted to practice with them and I let her pick the cards. The reading seemed way off and didn’t really yield any proper answers to the questions asked. At first I put it down to them being a new deck and having no connection with me yet, but then I tried choosing the cards myself and I got an incredibly accurate reading. The message here is, if you’re unsure whether to let the client choose a card, test the deck that you want to use professionally on friends and family to determine what the deck wants. I know it sounds crazy to put it like that, but honestly every deck is different.

If you’re new to the tarot, just remember that choosing the cards becomes easier and even if you have an off day, it will come back to you.