Tarot Readings Update

I’ve been offering email Tarot readings for about 8 months now. Doing it all online was quite new to me and it has definitely been a learning curve.

Up until now, this is how it worked; someone would purchase a reading, I’d then get a notification telling me their name and email address. I’d then email them and ask them what they’d like the reading to be about. Sometimes I’d also request their birth date or star sign.

The problem that I could see with it being done this way was that I was pretty much expecting someone to purchase a reading without entering in any information. Someone might not know that I’d receive a message with their email address in it.

More often than not, the querent wanted the reading to focus on a specific area of their lives but with no way to input that information when making their purchase, they had no idea what to expect. If I didn’t get in touch with them to ask about the nature of their query, they might have expected a general reading which would have been disappointing for them.

I have now finally solved the issue by creating an online form. I honestly didn’t know you could make an online form with a payment button for free. Whether you want a Tarot reading or you want to have a go at making your own forms, I suggest you click the button below for a bit of a nosey.

A second issue I’ve encountered, usually happens on Instagram. I often get messages from people who want a quick ‘one card’ reading or a ‘one question’ reading. In the past I’d do this free of charge to anyone who asked. I thought it was a great way to demonstrate my divination skills and maybe they’d pass on the word and help me gain more customers, sadly it didn’t work like that.

Ive noticed that if you give something away for free, people will not appreciate it, in fact they will think less of you and the thing you’re giving away. I’d get them asking question after question until I’d pretty much given them a full reading for free. This is of course unfair to all of my paying customers.

I also noticed that there was a trend on Instagram where fellow psychics and Tarot readers would ask another psychic or Tarot reader for a free reading just so they could go around and give them bad reviews and make themselves look like the better reader. Fortunately no one ever did this to me, and it’s not something that a lot of Tarot readers were doing, in fact the majority of Tarot readers on Instagram are lovely people and I feel blessed that I am able to communicate with other readers from all over the world… However, due to the minority of nasty Instagram readers and cheeky querents, I stopped offering free ‘one card’ readings.

Back to the Point I want to make, because of the high demand for quick readings, I’ve decided to offer mini readings for just Β£1. My aim is to deliver a reading on the same day.

I will use 2 cards rather than 1 because I still think it’s important to get a full picture reading. Just like the detailed reading, it will be attached in PDF format to an email and will include a photograph of the cards drawn.

I am obviously not gonna make any real money from offering readings for Β£1 (PayPal takes a bit so it’ll be even less than that) I’m only charging something to stop people taking the micky.

If you want to ask a question then click the button below πŸ˜Šβ¬‡οΈ

How Do I Know Which Card To Pick?

When it comes to reading tarot cards, there is an issue that isn’t talked about enough. How do you know which card to pick?! You can shuffle the deck continuously, asking your questions and trying to sense which card feels right, but even then do you know it’s the right one?

When I first started reading with tarot cards, I used to just pick a card like you would if someone was asked to pick a card for a magic trick. I didn’t really put any thought into it. I mostly got the right results but the more I got into it, the more I started second guessing myself and worrying that I had chosen the wrong cards.

It didn’t take long for me to realise that I needed peace and quiet to conduct a reading, I needed to focus on my question and I needed to feel the cards and not look at them. When I did this, I started to feel a kind of energy around the cards, in my minds eye I could sense the direction if the card I was looking for, it just felt right. I’m not saying you should do as I do, but being completely focused and closing your eyes helps you to have faith that something will guide your hand. I can’t say for sure whether there is a magical force around the cards, it could just be in my head but it doesn’t matter if its magic, spirit guides, your higher self or your own brain, if it feels right then it’s good.

Sometimes even to this day, every now and then I’ll do a reading and one of the cards won’t feel right when I pick it, I then have to make the difficult decision to either put the card back and pull another, or stick with the card because I may have chosen it for a reason, even if it didn’t feel right. I hate it when this happens and other readers have complained about the same thing.

The best thing to do if you pick cards that don’t feel right is to stop. Sometimes you do just have a bad day. Sometimes the connection isn’t there. You could be suffering from stress and other issues in the back of your head and so the tarot reading is being affected. When this happens you need to go off, clear your head, ground yourself and maybe even meditate to try and prepare yourself to do a reading.

It gets a little tricky when you get that ‘wrong card’ feeling whilst you’re doing a reading for someone else face to face. You don’t want to look unprofessional and get another card and there is usually that feeling that maybe the card is right but you just couldn’t sense it. My advice would be to stick with the card. If you get it for every card and it’s just not working then you might have to be completely honest and admit you’re not feeling it.

Another problem with reading for others is, do you let the client pick the cards? I used to let clients pick the cards but Strangely with my latest working deck, I had to stop that. Some decks can be used by anyone and everyone and others seem to work best with the reader. I did a tarot reading for a friend when I got my latest deck, I wanted to practice with them and I let her pick the cards. The reading seemed way off and didn’t really yield any proper answers to the questions asked. At first I put it down to them being a new deck and having no connection with me yet, but then I tried choosing the cards myself and I got an incredibly accurate reading. The message here is, if you’re unsure whether to let the client choose a card, test the deck that you want to use professionally on friends and family to determine what the deck wants. I know it sounds crazy to put it like that, but honestly every deck is different.

If you’re new to the tarot, just remember that choosing the cards becomes easier and even if you have an off day, it will come back to you.

Three Easy Tarot Spreads

Learning the meanings of each individual tarot card is one thing, but what about the spreads? When it comes to spreads, you don’t necessarily have to do the tried and tested spreads that you’ve read about like the ‘Celtic Cross’ in fact you can make your own up if you’d prefer. For those who are not sure what spread to use and what to get a started on. I’ve chosen my top 3 easy spreads to do. These are the spreads I started with because they’re easy to remember and they give the querent some very clear guidance.

Past, Present, Future

A lot of people think this spread is pretty self-explanatory however it is worth mentioning that this spread shouldn’t be taken completely literally. The past refers to your past situations that lead you to the present but when it comes to the card that represents the present, it’s best to think of it as a card which describes you as a person at this point in time rather than a card to represent your current situation in regards to money or romance for example. The future card is best thought of as a guidance card. It represents what could be if you continue doing what you have been doing. I often look at the future card as either a warning of things that might come if I don’t change certain behaviours or thought patterns, Conversely I can also look at it as a an affirmation card which can let me know that I have been doing the right things to achieve a happier future. I judge what it represents based on whether the card is positive or negative.

Love Spread

This spread is great to do if you’ve started a new relationship with someone or if you’re relationship is going through a tough time. The first card represents your true feelings towards your partner. This card can often be surprising. You may find that it lets you get in touch with your innermost feelings that you may have kept hidden from yourself. The second card tells you about your partner’s feelings. It doesn’t always represents your partner’s feelings towards you. It may actually provide you with insight into what your partner is going though. It can help you better understand their situation and their actions. The third card is there to let you know how your feelings and the feelings of your partner will influence the relationship. This could be either negative or positive, but it should be looked at as either a warning or affirmation much like the future card in the past, present and future spread.

Am I on the right path?

The first card enables you to understand where you are right now. This can be interpreted as referring to your mental and emotional state or physical state, depending on how you look at it. It is down to you to decide what the tarot is telling you when it comes to this card. The second card is letting you know where you could be going based on the path you’ve been taking so far, this card isn’t set in stone, it is there to let you know where you’re likely to go based on the outcome of the first card. The third card represents obstacles that may come your way to prevent you from achieving the desired outcome. Unlike the second card, this isn’t something you can change, these obstacles will be out of your control. You should look at this card as a help card which will better prepare you for any problems that come your way on your journey. The last card is the outcome and it is best to look at this as a card that signifies your desires. It represents your wishes and your preferred outcome. No matter what card comes out, you can be sure that the tarot is telling you that this outcome is possible and in your reach.

Top 5 Signs You’re Going to be a Good Tarot Reader

I’ve recently seen a lot of posts with titles like ‘Top 5 Mistakes New Tarot Readers Make’ and ‘The Differences Between a Professional and Amateur Tarot Reader’ as fantastic as these kinds of articles are for people learning a new skill, they can also make you feel inadequate. I’ve been reading tarot cards for over a decade and I now perform readings professionally, but even I sometimes worry when I have to give bad news or if I can’t connect to a client. I decided to write a more uplifting blog entry with the aim of inspiring amateur tarot readers to keep going. I’ve mainly aimed this at tarot readers who want to read for other people.

5. Patience

Learning a new craft takes time and the more effort you put in, the more benefits you’ll reap. It can take a very long time to get confident with a new skill, but the fact that you’re trying means you care and it means you will get good at it! no one spends years trying to master something without at least getting reasonably good. Some people learn all the meanings of every card in a week and feel confident enough to read the tarot for their friends and family, it’s great when someone can do that, but for other people it takes a lot longer. In some ways taking longer to learn a new skill and get confident with it isn’t a sign that you’re bad at it, it’s a sign that you care enough about it so that you don’t rush into things. Having the patience to master a skill is a skill on it’s own. There are plenty of dabblers out there.. there are also a lot of people who collect tarot decks because let’s face it, they’re pretty! but if you’re the kind of person who needs a lot of practice at something before you go out and show the world, then you’re doing something right.

4. A Good Listener

If, in your day to day life you find yourself being the person that everyone comes to with their problems, then it’s a sign that you’re a good listener and most likely a caring person. Being understanding and helpful when people need you is an important quality for a tarot reader to have. This mainly applies to people who want to become a professional tarot reader one day, but even if you’re providing tarot readings for the people you know, it’s important to be a good listener who appreciates that people are relying on you when they have a problem. A huge part of being a professional tarot reader involves being a good counselor. You’re not just a novelty fortune teller who can ‘predict the future’ that’s not what the tarot is about. It’s about guidance and understanding. If you enjoy helping people and guiding them on the right path, then you’re the perfect candidate to be a good tarot reader.

3. Honesty

When someone comes to you for advice, do you tell them what they want to hear? or do you tell them what you really think? it’s a lot easier to tell someone what they want to hear, but in the long run, this could hurt them. Sometimes you’ll have someone who comes to you with a difficult problem, you want to tell them that it’s all going to be okay but the cards are saying otherwise. You could sugarcoat it and make it sound like everything is going to be alright, but that wouldn’t be honest. I’m not saying you should tell them bluntly how awful their life is going to be, you also shouldn’t only focus on the negative. In every reading there are positive things to focus on too, and you have to balance it well. You have to be honest with the querent and give them the bad news, but you have to give them hope too. Another issue that crops up occasionally is the feeling that you’re not connecting with a client. As horrible and embarrassing as it is, you’re better off explaining that, rather than blagging your way through a reading. You must also be honest with yourself, are you ready to read professionally? only you can decide that.

2. Insight

When I say ‘insight’ I don’t necessarily mean you have to be psychic or have some kind of special gift.. although that can be a plus. Insight is more about connecting with a person on an emotional level and sensing what the cards are trying to tell you about a person. It’s all well and good learning the meaning of every tarot card but sometimes you have to find other meanings in the cards to give a more accurate reading. You have to balance what you’re sensing and feeling with what the cards are saying.


After practicing with doing tarot readings with your friends, you might discover you have a certain way of doing things, this is a good thing! whether it’s down to the way you shuffle, the spreads you use for different situations or the way you communicate with a querent, it’s all part of your style! you shouldn’t change the way you do things just because someone told you that you have to shuffle the cards 6 times and split the deck or something like that. If it works for you, then you do it! if you feel that you get the most out of the tarot from doing things in a certain way then you’re getting the most out of it, and that is of course the whole point in it!

Sample Readings

Example of a comprehensive Reading

Below is an example of a comprehensive email reading requested by a client who wanted a general reading about the year ahead. Names and details have been altered to hide the identity of the client.

Greetings Laura, 

Thank you for requesting a reading with me. To answer your inquiry regarding whether this year will be an improvement on the last, I have prepared a special tarot reading of 7 cards. Each card has it’s own separate meaning about the previous year and what is still to come. 


Starting with the first card known as the sunset card. This card looks back to the previous year, it focuses on the past but with an eye toward using what you’ve learned for the future. I have drawn the 5 of cups, this card depicts a figure that is wearing a black cloak. The person hides his face in what seems to be despair. I can tell that you have been through some very difficult times in the past year and it has made you feel pessimistic about the future. It seems like things have not been going the way you had planned, you have been feeling regretful of lost opportunities and this is affecting you on an emotional level. The important thing is you have learned many important lessons from the previous year and the knowledge you have gained will make you stronger.


The second card is the horizon card, and this represents what you’d like to achieve this year, and the good news is you are going to feel true emotional fulfillment. I have drawn the ten of cups which is a very positive card. Laura, this card signifies something that we’ve all been searching for; It is associated with a sense of harmony and at its core is about true happiness and achievement. With the drawing of this card it is letting you know that you are on the right path to achieving your future goals.


The third card represents an obstacle, but down become downhearted as Helen Keller said  ‘All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming’ The third card drawn is The Lovers. Although this is often interpreted as representing a happy loving relationship, another meaning is the concept of choice. You must start making up your mind about what you find important and unimportant in your life. You should be as true to yourself as you can be, so you will be genuine and authentic to the people who are around you. You’ve learned from the past year what you want from life but you were unsure on what to keep and what to let go. The previous year was full of obstacles but this year it seems that the main obstacle is indecisiveness, but once you’ve figured out what you need you can progress. It might be a good idea to write out a list of things you’d like to achieve this year and try to follow through with them.


Now for something more upbeat and positive with the fourth card which represents your strengths! Laura, you’re a born leader and you are very capable when it comes to it. I have drawn the King of Wands. The meaning of the King of Wands represents pure energy. Unlike the other wands cards this particular one is not focused on pure creativity. Instead, this card represents someone who is more likely to take an idea and to implement it themselves. Your greatest strength is that once you focus on a goal you’ll ensure that you make it a reality. You’re very determined and although you’ve had setbacks recently, you still have the drive to achieve anything once you put your mind to it. 


The fifth card is there to advise you on your journey through this year. The Empress shows us how deeply we are embedded to our femininity. Femininity is often associated with creativity and expression. It therefore calls you to connect with beauty and bring happiness to your life. Understand yourself and get in touch with your sensuality so that you can attract happiness and joy. She is a signal that you must be kind to yourself and take care of yourself.


When it comes to what lies ahead in the coming year, you feel that you need some guidance and the sixth card is there to help you navigate your way through the year and make the right choices. I have drawn the King of Cups in a reversed position. This indicates that there is a character in your life that is depicted by this card. While this character is normally very in touch and controlled with their emotions, This person has lately become manipulative and emotionally controlling. If we go back to the third card which represented an obstacle, it becomes clear along with the drawing of the reversed King of Cups that you have been struggling with the idea of getting someone toxic out of your life. This person may have ups and downs but lately it seems the downs are becoming more frequent and you’re getting little joy out of knowing them. It is time to decide whether it is worth having them in your life.


Finally we have your personal theme for the year which comes in the form of the seventh card. Even though you have examined the lessons of the past, looked at how to reach your goals and figured out what may need to change to overcome obstacles, you may still need to find clarity. For the seventh card we have The Nine of Swords in the reversed position. The Nine of Swords depicts a woman sitting on her bed while she holds her head in her hands. It appears as though the woman has just awakened from a bad nightmare. She seems to be upset and fearful. Although cards in their reversed position often indicate a slight opposite to the upright position. It is not exactly the case with the Nine of Swords. Don’t despair over the drawing of this card however as there is some good news. The past may be haunting you but here we also see hope, at least there is the desire to leave this nightmare. You must understand that this suffering will not cease until you yourself put in the effort to leave it. There is much work that you must do to drag yourself towards release. 


Let’s take a moment to evaluate what the Tarot is telling you. Laura, you’re a strong outgoing person with the drive to achieve what you want in life and you’re willing to move on to a more fulfilling year, but to reach your goals, you need to let go of unhelpful anxiety and negative vibes. The good news is that if you work on these things, the Tarot shows great accomplishments as the outcome. 


I hope this reading has been helpful and I wish you luck in the new year! Thanks again for requesting a reading with me



Example of a concise reading

Below is an example of a concise email reading regarding a client’s search for her soulmate. I have altered a few things in the sample reading to hide the identity of the person who received this email.

Hi Jenny,


Thank you for requesting an email with me. To answer your question, I have prepared a five card spread. This spread will give me more of an insight into you as a person and what to expect in the future regarding your soulmate. 


The first card in the spread is The Empress (reversed) I’m getting from this that you have been feeling very low recently. You’ve been putting yourself down a lot and have a lot of doubts when it comes to events in the future. You’ve been in need of a self confidence boost for a long time and sometimes you wonder if you’re deserving of love. This card is there to let you know, that if you take matters into your own hands and start making a move towards finding your soulmate, you will begin to feel so much more confident and you’ll get a much needed ego boost. It’s time to stop relying on fate to bring happiness your way, you’re now ready to put yourself out there and find happiness yourself.


The second card is The Hanged Man and the third card is The Eight of Swords. Together  they are referring to a period of time where you’ll feel quite helpless and almost like you can’t catch a break. You’ll try desperately to find your soulmate and in doing so may come across a bit too strong. Luckily this period of time comes as just a warning, you can undo this. It is a warning to not rush into things. Don’t rush into a relationship with someone who comes close to being right for you, wait until you find your soulmate. You’ll know when you’ve found him. 


You’re now probably wondering how you will definitely know when you’ve found your soulmate, what will he look like? will he make the first move? The fourth and fifth cards hold the answers to these burning questions. 


The fourth card is The Eight of Wands, the card depicts arrows flying and it is a signal that important news is coming your way. In your reading however, they’re no ordinary arrows, they’re arrows of love. I’m getting a strong sense here that when you meet your soulmate, you will click instantly. He will let you know that he has feelings for you before you get the courage to tell him you like him. You’re soulmate is confident within himself and he won’t play games. He won’t be overly romantic or emotional, instead choosing to let you know how he feels in a very direct and blunt manner. 

The fifth card is the one I know you’ve been waiting for, this card represents your soulmate. I have drawn the King of Swords. This card represents a man. He is slightly older than you and has medium brown hair and brown eyes. He is a man who commands respect but deep down he has a beautiful soul. It will be his intelligence and quick wit that will draw you to him. He’ll know how to make you laugh and he’ll display knowledge in so many areas. He rarely shows his emotions and it will take a while for him to open up to you, but when he does you’ll know it was worth waiting for. 


To summarize, you’ve been in a bit of a rut and you’ve been feeling a little helpless and hopeless lately, however you’re going to get the motivation to put yourself out there. As long as you don’t rush into anything and you take things slowly, you will finally find your soulmate whom you will recognise as someone very special almost straight away.

I hope this reading has been helpful. Thanks again for requesting a reading with me.