Instagram Scammers At It Again!

I don’t know what it is about my Instagram account, but I seem to attract a lot of scam artists. I suspect it may be due to the fact that I’m too nice. When someone follows me (Doesn’t matter who) I always follow back. This means, I probably have a fair amount of scam accounts following me that I follow back.. I’m probably on a list somewhere for scammers to look through so they know who to follow.

What kind of scams do I see? well..

. The Bitcoin guys who try to get me to invest
. Profiles (Usually with no pictures or even a profile picture) that sends me a message asking for my PayPal email so they can send me $1000.
. Someone claiming to be a member of the Illuminati who will ask me to pay $10,000 to join this society so I can learn top secrets on how to become a billionaire.
. The guy from an African country who has lost his wife and has to take care of his daughter (Sometimes son) all by himself and needs money for food or to pay a medical bill for his daughter. This one usually tries to befriend you first, maybe even flirt with you so that he can earn your trust.
. Finally, there’s the worst one of all! the one who pretends to be someone you already follow and know fairly well (In an online setting)

For me, the latter usually poses as a Tarot reader I already follow and they ask me if I want a reading. They of course want me to send $30 – $40. I got one of these recently. They had the exact same name as the genuine profile but they’d added an underscore at the end.

When I visited the scam account, they had all of the same pictures, only they had all been added that very day rather than one each day like the genuine profile. They hadn’t used any hashtags on the pictures.. because they don’t really care about getting likes. They had the same Instagram bio and the same profile picture as the original genuine account.

As soon as I saw all that, I knew it was a scam, but instead of doing the usual and blocking them and then reporting them. I decided to test this person out a bit.
“Yeah sure, I’ll have a reading.” I said. I noticed how quickly the person then began typing.
“Thank you love, please make a small donation to my paypal and I’ll begin.” she replied.. By the way, if a Tarot reader ever messages you and uses words like ‘Grand Rising to you’ or refers to you as ‘Love’ or ‘Dear’ then it’s probably a scam.
“How much should I send you?” I asked
“Usually people donate $30 – $40 anything will do my love.”
“Before I pay, I’d like to know what Tarot spread you intend to use and which deck you’ll use for the reading” I replied
The scammer was suddenly stuck, she/he was no longer frantically rushing to reply, they’d read the message but obviously didn’t know how to respond… minutes went past so I started doing something else, but I periodically checked my phone to see if I’d got a reply.

Eventually, they replied after about 20 minutes. They’d sent me two pictures taken from the original account. Both pictures were of different Tarot cards, one was ‘The Hermit’ the other was ‘The Tower’ She then asked me which deck I’d like.
I thought this was an interesting way to get round their issue of not knowing anything about Tarot cards. With he/she taking such a long time, I wondered if maybe they’d contacted the head of this scam operation to find out how they should respond to my request. I’m assuming they couldn’t figure out the name of any Tarot decks (Even though a quick Google search would have given them plenty of names.) so they went with sending pictures instead.

I imagine this scammer was very pleased with themselves, rubbing their hands together in glee after they had successfully replied with what they thought was the best method to get me to part with my money…

The only issue was, the cards in the pictures were from the same Tarot deck. I can’t very well pick the deck I want, if the pictures are of cards from the same deck! This person had also failed to tell me what kind of reading I would receive (Love, career, general) and they still hadn’t told me what spread they’d use. I wouldn’t pay $40 for a one card reading for example.

I then had to ask ‘Do you ever successfully scam anyone? I mean you know nothing about Tarot cards. Your profile looks fake, I mean does it ever actually work on anyone?!’
I really wanted them to answer that question honestly. I wanted to know if anyone really did fall for it because even though I use Tarot cards daily and know a fair bit about it, in my experience, most of the customers I’ve had knew basic things about Tarot cards and readings too, and even though they very rarely asked what deck I would use, they always specified what type of reading they wanted and what they wanted it to be about.

I didn’t get an answer. They did what I probably should have done as soon as they messaged me, they blocked me.

In a way, I do regret bothering with this person, the amount of scam profiles following me has increased. I may not have fallen for the scam but I’m still on their list as someone who at least replies to the scammers. I’ve changed my tune though, I don’t just follow everyone back anymore. I even remove fake profiles from my followers list now.

It’s kinda sad that no matter what you do, you always have to be on your guard, looking out for people who want to do you harm, take advantage of you or fool you. It’s supposed to be easy to be nice, it requires less thought to be friendly, nice and polite.. but in this modern world of social media, being nice means putting a lot of effort into not being taken advantage of.

Can you do a Tarot Reading for Yourself?

The quick answer to whether you can read the tarot for yourself is yes! I do it every day, however there are a lot of tarot readers who find it difficult to do a reading for themselves. I can understand why this is the case and I can also understand why it can be difficult to do a reading for friends and family too.

It doesn’t really matter what technique you use to read the cards, whether it’s looking at the imagery, knowledge of the individual cards and the astrology involved, pure intuition or just saying how you feel about the card. Most tarot readers use a combination of these methods, but the main thing is you can’t be biased. Using your intuition can sometimes come across as you being biased, but that’s very different. The issue of doing a reading for yourself is that you are likely to be biased when interpreting the cards.

Depending on the situation and your general take on every day events, you might end up turning a positive reading for yourself into a negative one and vice versa. For example, I’ve been slowly recovering from an inner ear disorder called Labyrinthitis which causes dizziness, vertigo and tinnitus. Recently I had a bad attack and I decided to consult the tarot to find out if it was coming back. I drew the ‘four of swords’ which was probably the worst card to get for a question like that. I started freaking out, thinking that my whole life is going to be ruined because the illness is coming back. After a while I took it to mean that it was referring to the recovery period. It most likely meant that I shouldn’t push myself too much as it could cause a relapse. If I was reading for someone else, it would have been the second interpretation that I would have chosen, but since it was a reading about me, and I can be overly negative about myself and my life sometimes, I took it the wrong way.

The same thing can happen when you’re doing a reading for a friend or family member. You often want the outcome to be positive for someone you’re close to and you don’t want to disappoint them. I’ve often questioned if I twisted an interpretation to sound more positive than it is just to please someone. At the same time I also think that in every reading you can find positives and so it isn’t so bad to put a positive spin on a reading as long as you’re not ignoring the negatives.

Another issue with reading for yourself and people you know is that you know too much about yourself and the people close to you. You can end up basing a reading on the knowledge you already have of the person instead of solely basing your interpretation on what the cards are saying. You might not be doing this on purpose but it can affect the reading slightly.

When it comes down to it, it is still fine to do readings for yourself and your friends and family. The reading won’t be completely skewered by your intimate knowledge or your tendency to maybe twist an interpretation one way or another. You can still get some very important insight and direction from using the tarot for yourself. Remember to always keep an open mind and try to be fairly neutral with your interpretations instead of jumping to overly negative or positive interpretations.

Advertising your Tarot Services

I’ll admit that the title of this article is a bit misleading. You might expect this post to be full of tips on how to get your tarot reading business off the ground, but it’s more about the way people choose to advertise.

The reason I’m writing about this is that recently I’ve had a lot of messages on social media from other tarot readers offering their services to me. Sometimes they offer to do a quick tarot reading for free, other times for money. Either way, I have to admit that I don’t like it.

The problem with approaching people this way, is that you end up making someone feel pressured into getting a reading. The worst example of this kind of approach happened to me earlier today. A man messaged me on Instagram, offering me a tarot reading. I didn’t really want one but he seemed so eager and I knew I’d feel bad if I said no, so I agreed to the reading. He asked me a lot of questions, like ‘What is your mother’s name?’ and ‘Do you have a partner?’ he then asked for a photograph of my left hand. I provided him with all the information and a picture of my hand. Remember that I didn’t even want the reading, I was just being nice. I thought I was helping him out with practicing his tarot skills on me but no! as soon as he had all the information, he asked me for money. This annoyed me for several reasons. Firstly you should say straight away if you’re expecting payment for a reading, secondly I didn’t know this guy, I had no information about him and his skills or his personal approach so to pressure people into paying for his readings seemed a little cheeky. Most annoyingly of all is that a lot of people would have felt pressured into paying at that point and that’s unfair.

I should explain that offering free readings is fine and a lovely thing to do for people, it’s also a great way to practice your tarot reading skills. It’s perfectly fine to ask someone like me if I want a free tarot reading because I’m obviously into that kind of thing.. however when you start messaging everyone on your friend list, it creates issues. You have to remember that not everyone wants a tarot reading, even a free one!

One big mistake is that some people think that offering free readings will help spread the word that they’re a good tarot reader and it will help them to one day charge for their time and expertise. I offer free one card readings on my Instagram, and not one of the people asking for a reading has then gone on to pay for a full spread reading and a lot of them don’t even follow me on Instagram, they’re just looking for freebies. If you know how to read the tarot and you know what you’re talking about, then you can charge money. It’s not bad to charge money for your services. Tarot reading is a skill that took a long time to learn. When you conduct a reading it takes up a lot of time and energy. You are only charging for your time and you are providing a service that the client wants. Notice how I mentioned that the client wants your service.

To advertise your tarot services, say what you do, explain what you’re about and let people who are interested come to you. Don’t pressure people or force random people on social media into getting a reading from you, you’ll end up putting people off.