Daily Card (22nd June 2021)

This card was picked from the Tarot Familiars deck.

Do you feel like you’re almost there? like you’ve got the basics together to get your new project rolling but it still needs finishing touches? well this card is a sign that you will have the energy and the drive to finish up and turn your project into a successful one!

Daily Card (21st June 2021)

Today’s card was picked from the Tarot Familiars deck and since the card features a snowy owl, I decided to picture it next to my owl snow globe.

This card comes as a warning to not let your emotions get the better of you. Something will likely upset you today or make you angry and it’s how you handle this situation that matters. Before reacting to anything, think about it first and let your first instinctual emotion pass so that you can think clearly and therefore act more wisely.

Daily Card (18th June 2021)

Today’s card was picked from the Tarot Familiars deck.

Today is the start of something big! or so you think. You’re not concerned with the pitfalls and difficulties that may lie ahead, you’re just happy to start this exciting journey. Enjoy your current carefree mood while it lasts because it is likely to get difficult once you’ve emersed yourself fully in this new adventure.

Daily Card (11th June 2021)

This will be the last daily Card I draw from the Moonology deck for a while. I might switch back to a regular tarot deck rather than an oracle or lenormand deck.

Something has come along that you know is a special, a gift from the universe some might say. You probably don’t want to pass up this opportunity. You must have confidence and faith in this so don’t go into it doubting yourself. It was meant for you so go with it and accept this gift.

Daily Card (9th June 2021)

Today’s card was drawn from the Moonology Oracle deck.

Sometimes it’s too late to back out of something and you have to keep going and see it to the end even if it is detrimental to you. Luckily for you, this time it isn’t that far along and you have the option to change your mind. If you realise that it’s wrong for you, then back out now before it’s too late!