Daily Card (28th April 2021)

Most skills in life take a long time to master. When it comes to creativity you imagine playing a musical instrument, painting, sculpting etc but these are all physical manifestations of creativity and take years to learn. This card refers to your mental creativity which often comes first before anything physical happens. Your ability to dream and form ideas is important to you, you’re a dreamer and not in the lame way that you fantasise and do nothing about it. This card is letting you know that what you’ve been thinking about doing is 100% worth doing. Don’t delay any longer, take the first step and make your dreams a reality.

Daily Card (27th April 2021)

As you all know a Tarot card can be interpreted on so many different ways and it often depends on whether you’re going for a love reading or career reading or even a past life reading. With these daily cards, I tend to interpret them based on my life, so it’s always interesting when it resonates with someone else too.

Recently you may have found yourself doing things alone and letting your heart and soul dictate what you do next. You may get overwhelmed with excitement about a new idea and then discover that it’s not quite as good as you thought. The reason this has been happening is because you currently lack the skills to think critically and practically. There is someone who you know who might be able to help you out with where you go next. If you figure out who that is, ask them about your plans and listen to their advice. It might not be what you want to hear but it will be important that you take notice so that you can avoid making any more mistakes.

Daily Card (26th April 2021)

I thought I’d do a few daily cards again and since I have a new light box, I might as well take advantage of it. 😊

In order for you to find a sense of calm again, you may find that you have to give something up. This won’t be something like an addiction or dangerous habit, it’ll actually be something good, something that may regret giving up. Even though you will feel sad when making that decision, you’ll find that it is in your best interest and perhaps the interests of others too. For me this is referring to my pet rat Cady who has been battling a long illness, it has got to the point where I’ll have to take her to be put down. I’ve been putting it off a lot and trying different medications but sometimes the kindest thing to do is to let go and do what’s right.

Pick a Card

Another pick a card! 😀 Focus on your intention and your query and then mentally choose a card. Scroll down to reveal the cards and their interpretations.

1 – You have been feeling empowered recently like You’ve been able to take control of your life and get everything in order. You’ve been feeling healthier from giving up or cutting down on some unhealthy habits and you feel a lot more positive about the future. Instead of feeling dominant over others by putting them down, you have taken the much more admirable route of pushing yourself higher than others with the use of hard work and imagination. Keep up with your current positive state and you will go far!

2 – You’ve been having a lot of worrying thoughts, they’re not the usual worries people have about money, love and career but they’re of a more existential nature. You worry about aging, death and your lack of time here on this planet. You question why you’re here sometimes and you fear that you’ve not done enough in the time you’ve had so far. Insomnia is likely to be affecting you right now. The best thing you can do at the moment is try to focus on a hobby or something that makes you happy and try to find meaning in achieving happiness rather than in achieving goals and status.

3 – There are ups and downs in pretty much everything you choose to do. You’ve worked hard to get where you are but with doing this, you’ve lost a part of yourself. You’ve lost your naivety and childlike wonder.. that spark that made you different from the rest. Perhaps you need to decide whether financial stability is worth it when it has taken so much from you. You may realise that you were actually more comfortable in a menial position where the people around you saw you as an equal rather than as someone to look up to. You have a lot of responsibility where you are, is it worth it?

Pick a card

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while, this isn’t due to any big reason but rather lots of small ones. I keep pet rats and one of them has been very unwell so I’ve been back and fourth at the vets, I’m having my own problems with dental issues at the moment too. To top it off there’s an issue with our boiler and although I thought I’d initially fixed it by increasing the pressure, it now goes from 1 when the heating is off to 3 on the pressure gauge when it’s on. Grrr.. Just lots of problems that add up.. Anyway I’ve decided to do another ‘Pick a card’

Look at the cards below and the corresponding stones and let your intuition choose a card. Once you’ve mentally selected a card, scroll down for the reveal and the interpretations.

Card 1 – If you’ve been finding that you are full of exciting new ideas then this is great news! however is there a chance that you’re missing out on other big opportunities? You’re so wrapped up in doing the things you’re passionate about that you can’t see any other way of finding happiness. There are other more fulfilling and lucrative options but you’re unwilling to see them. You’d much prefer to nurture that project that gets you motivated. It’s the thing you think about first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Are you wrong to go down this road? No, but it’s not necessarily the best option for you.

2 – remember the good old days when you were a kid and things were simple? There was right and wrong, good and evil and none of that inbetween grey area. Sadly life isn’t as simple as that, there are many levels in between everything. You’ve been guilty of looking at things in a black and white fashion, almost like you want to categorise everything to make your life easier. You have your friends and your enemies, there are truth and there are lies however you are wrong to judge so quickly. Some people who seem to be bad have some good in them and most importantly remember that some lies have some truth in them.

3 – The Hermit is thought of as a sign to retreat and take time out. This is often the case but this is the Deviant Moon deck and things aren’t always what they seem. This time, this card represents you. You are different from the others, you have often felt left out and like you’re not a part of anything. You’ve always chosen you’re own path. You’re not afraid to show the real you and express your thoughts and opinions even if they’re controversial. It is important to acknowledge the fact that although you feel like an alien, you are human and humans enjoy companionship. It’s time to get out of your shell and reach out to others a little more. Have a conversation and even engage in a bit of small talk. Sometimes it’s fun to pretend to be normal, just for a little while.