Do Ouija Boards Lead You To God?

I don’t know if it’s a case of me being open minded when it comes to the existence of ghosts, or if I’ve just been lucky enough to stumble across haunted locations, but I’ve had quite a few ghostly encounters. I must say that although I’ve had frequent experiences, I’ve never had anything dramatic happen to me. I’ve never walked into a room and seen a woman in white running at me with a knife after saying ‘Bloody Mary’ into a mirror and I’ve never been haunted by a dark presence who wants to kill me after a night of seances by candlelight. I have seen, heard and felt things that should surely make me a believer, but I’m still unsure yet open minded. Maybe it’s the case that some people are supposed to have these negative experiences, and others just aren’t.

I remember chatting to someone on Reddit who said she sees ghosts all around her, all of the time. She says they have messages for her sometimes. At first I really did think she had something wrong with her, maybe schizophrenia. It didn’t seem believable that she could live a normal life with ghosts following her. After a while, I even wondered if maybe she was making it all up to sound special. I also got talking to someone who claimed to have brought demons into her life through the use of a Ouija board. She talked at great length about her experiences. She had been pushed down the stairs, had her hair pulled and had her head pushed under the water in her bath. I have played with a Ouija board so many times (I couldn’t even count the amount of times) and so far nothing evil has ever come through! At the time it got me wondering if people who have these negative experiences are either more open to it or more paranoid than other people.

A lot of the people I know who have had demonic entities or evil spirits following them as a result of seances or Ouija boards have turned to God. As bizarre as this is going to sound, I sometimes question whether God sent those evil spirits to them to make them turn to religion. When I was about 14, I thought it’d be fun to sell my soul to the Devil. In exchange I wanted fame and fortune. I followed the instructions in an old book on the Occult that I’d found in my dad’s old stash of books. I performed a long ceremony and at the end, I was supposed to burn some paper which had instructions on it. It was an important part of the ceremony and would complete it to seal the deal. As I put the paper into the flame on a candle, the flame suddenly blew out and hot wax hit me in the face. I turned my bedroom light on in a panic and tried to get the wax out of my eyes, it really burned! I considered that to be a warning, either God didn’t want me to sell my soul, or the devil didn’t want it.

When I was 21, I decided to try and sell my soul again, but this was only because I was in a band and I’d been listening to Robert Johnson and fancied going to some crossroads. the idea was for me to go to the crossroads at midnight with my guitar, I’d wait there for the devil to arrive, he’d tune my guitar and I’d become the best guitarist in the world, in exchange he’d take my soul when I turned 27. I remember my mum actually drove me to the crossroads, she dropped me off at around quarter to midnight. She said she’d come back at twenty past midnight to pick me up again. I felt ridiculous standing at the side of the road with my guitar, and after seeing a couple of cars passing, I thought it’d be best to go over the barrier at the side of the road and wait in a ditch until midnight. At midnight, I heard the bells chiming in a nearby church, and so I tried to get over the barrier so I could get to the middle of the crossroads. I say ‘tried’ because it didn’t go well, I tripped on the barrier and as I fell, I made a split decision to save my guitar and so I held it in the air as I fell so that I didn’t fall on it. I ended up injuring my knee and hurting my face as I hit the ground. I tried to crawl to the centre of the crossroads but I didn’t make it in time. I started to get the idea that something obviously wanted to prevent me from selling my soul. It seemed it’d rather injure me than let me become a servant of Satan. I’ve not tried to sell my soul since.

I can’t prove there is a God or a Devil, but I know one thing. I’m not supposed to go down that route. When it comes to religion, there are two paths you can go down, but the path that leads to hell, usually has a fork in it that leads to Heaven. So many dabblers in the Occult, Satanists and demon enthusiasts turn to Christ in the end. I’ve not been forced down that road, I’ve been steered away from it. I can do Ouija boards without negative consequences because my path is separate. I’m not alone, there are plenty of people (if not most people) who will find that they will never live in an Amityville horror type house or conjure up demons from a harmless dabble with a Ouija board. There are also plenty of religious people who didn’t need demons haunting them to turn to religion. If God really wants you though, maybe he does let the demons into your life for you to fight off so that you become part of his flock.

It’s probably not a popular belief that all religions could actually be true, but since we have freewill and we can shape our own destinies, couldn’t it be true that we can shape our own afterlife? Of course not everything is down to us, other things out of our control shape us.. and again it is the same when it comes to finding our spiritual path. The point I’m making is that nobody is wrong when it comes to their spiritual beliefs. Just like in life, we’re all going down a different path and all of them are as equally interesting as they are true.

8 thoughts on “Do Ouija Boards Lead You To God?

  1. Awesome story MorganTarot!
    We had a ouija board once, I asked it when I was going to die. The little puck thingy pointed to the 3 and the 9. I was about 16 then and it freaked me out until I turned 40. Having passed that age now, do your think it meant 93?

    Mom and my Aunt really got into the ouija board. I’d watch them play. They conjured up a benign spirit. Made him spell out his name and details about his life.

    To your point about leading to God, all things happen for your highest and greatest good. Even if you closed the deal with the devil that would’ve counted too! But what a different story it’d be. Be a rock star anyway to hell with the devil!

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    • Haha yeah maybe it did mean 93 which wouldn’t be a bad age to go. I’m glad to hear you and your family have never conjured up something evil. I sometimes wonder if maybe people have bad experiences from Ouija boards because of all the horror films that imply they’re evil. I’m still in a band, so hopefully I can get on without having to sell my soul haha.


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