Halloween Bags

I love Halloween! I mean I really love Halloween! Even the tacky side of Halloween with fake plastic spiders and cheesy costumes is magical to me. I like the other side of it too, the exciting history and its links to both paganism and Christianity as well as the fact it takes place in autumn when the leaves turn orange and drop to the ground creating crunchy walking places.

This is the first October to come around since I started my blog. I started this website in February this year so I’ve never blogged during the Halloween season, be prepared to see more Halloween themed posts!

Recently I’ve been making lots of Halloween themed decorations and objects because it’s incredibly fun to do. My latest creations are these tote bags.

I had some excess black felt so it seemed only natural to do something Halloweeny with it. I guess they could be used as trick or treat bags to collect candy but I don’t have any children and I’m not selling the bags. They’re just for me! Hehe.. And my friends who have asked me to make custom ones.

I plan on using my bag like a handbag because believe it or not, I don’t have a handbag. I’ve always found handbags to be annoying and cumbersome so I’ve always kept the stuff I need in my coat pockets. This bag is light and airy though so I might transfer my pocket stuff to the pumpkin bag.

As for the other bag, you may be thinking, why the cute owl? It’s not even scary or Halloween themed. I agree, it’s not very scary but it’s for my partner who is obsessed with owls. He’s not all that into Halloween and although the owl looks more cute than scary, I still associate owls with Halloween.

Before you say it, I noticed too that the pumpkin looks a bit like an orange, I might put some more stitching on it at some point to create the curvy bits and make it look more like a pumpkin.

You may wonder why I’m not selling these, well it’s because trick or treating bags and Halloween bags in general are all over the place at this time of year. You can find them in most shops and online. They are often mass produced because they’re easy to make and there’s a demand for them. My bags are hand stitched and actually take me two hours to complete (I don’t own a sewing machine). If I tried to sell these, I’d have to charge for my time, so let’s say £15 a bag. No one would buy a bag for that price when you can find similar mass produced bags for £2.99.

There is a demand for handmade items but when it comes to trick or treating bags and tote bags, I don’t think anyone is specifically looking for them to be handmade. In short they’re not marketable.

Everything I sell in my shop is a niche so I’m not expecting to make tons of money from the things I sell. I like to make sure that most of the things in my shop can’t be found anywhere else and that’s why I find it fun 😁🙂

If you are interested in purchasing some cool trick or treating bags that are good value for money then click here. Just to let you know, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase this Amazon item. I have not been asked to promote these bags, I have chosen to share them with you because I think they look cool and they’re good value for money.

If you are feeling curious and would like to know what’s going on in my shop then please click here.

P.s One of my friend’s wanted a butterfly on her bag so I incorporated some beads and put some stuffing behind it to make it stand out. I’m fairly pleased with it but I think it needs more beads! The antennae in particular need more added to them. Let me know what you think.

11 thoughts on “Halloween Bags

  1. These bags are absolutely adorable!!! I love how the colors pop against the black felt. They are so creative and fun; you did an amazing job creating them! I really love how you made the butterfly puffy so it stands out against the bag more. Great quality! 💜

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