More Unusual Tarot Spreads

I enjoy hunting for unusual tarot spreads and sometimes I find a really good one that I have to try out.. even if it’s just for fun.

As I did in a previous post, I’ve listed another three unusual tarot spreads that I think you might enjoy. To see the first list Click here

Pet Tarot Spread

1 – Your Connection – This is about the bond you have with your pet and how well connected you both are, it should also indicate what kind of relationship you have. For example if the Magician card came out, it might mean that your cat is your familiar or witches cat.
2 – Why you were brought together – There’s a good chance that you and your animal friend were meant to meet. This card should explain why you needed each other.
3 – What your pet loves – As we all know, we can’t verbally communicate with animals (parrots don’t count as they only mimic) and so it’s tricky to know how your pet is feeling. This card should help a little with understanding what makes your pet happy. For example, if you got the ‘Two of Pentacles’ it could mean your pet loves playing with toys.
4 – What your pet fears – This is along the same lines as card 3 and is about understanding your pet better. It’s useful to know what your pet dislikes and fears so that you can avoid stressing him or her out.
5 – How to help you pet out – Once you know your pet’s likes and dislikes you might want to know how to utilise that information so that you can be the best caregiver and companion you can be. This card should enable you to understand what your pet needs from you.
6 – A message from your pet – Just like you, your pet has a soul and he or she may want to communicate something to you. Since your pet can’t get their message across, the tarot is there to do it for you. From their soul to yours is an important message and it is delivered here in the sixth card.

My Spirit Guide Spread

1 – Who is your guide – A spirit guide could be a dead relative, an angel, a god or goddess, a deceased person or a form of intelligent energy, this card will let you know who your guide is.
2 – A message from your guide about your present situation – This card should represent a quick message from your guide, it won’t be anything serious but rather something that will speak to you and confirm your bond.
3 – A message your guide has been trying to convey to you that you have not been receptive to – This card will represent something more important, it may be the main message that your guide wants to share with you, or it could be a general piece of advice.
4 – How to be more open to messages from your guide – This is all about how perceptive you are and how well you notice the little signs and clues your spirit guide gives you. This card should help you understand how to look for the messages that are being shown to you.
5 – Why is your guide here with you on this journey – Rather than a specific message, this card should be looked at as a general reason why your spirit guide came to you and the importance of having one.

Tarot Spread For Witches

1 – Describe my witchy powers – This card should identify your natural powers as a witch.
2 – How to embrace being a magical person – The second card will tell you what you need to do to build on your witchy abilities.
3 – A way that I can practice my magic – Some witchy folk like to do traditional spells, some cast a circle, others don’t, some pray to a deity, some have alters and some just grow herbs in their garden. This card should tell you what kind of magic you can do. For example if you drew the Hierophant it could imply you would be good at performing magic that involves a lot of old traditions. If you drew the seven of pentacles then you might make a good garden witch or it could mean you gather energy from nature and use that in your magic.
4 – How can I gain more witchy knowledge – No matter what your interests are, there’s always more you can learn, this card should tell you how you can learn more about your craft. For example if you drew The Lovers card, you could look at it as meaning you will be inspired by love or by spontaneity. It could even mean that someone important to you will help you develop your witchy skills.
5 – How can I serve others – With great power comes great responsibility as they say. If you have magical abilities then it’s only fair that you share your gift a little. This card will let you know how you can use your magic to help others and it might even help you to decide who to help. For example if you got the ‘Ten of Chalices’ it could mean you should help your family.


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