Three Easy Tarot Spreads

Learning the meanings of each individual tarot card is one thing, but what about the spreads? When it comes to spreads, you don’t necessarily have to do the tried and tested spreads that you’ve read about like the ‘Celtic Cross’ in fact you can make your own up if you’d prefer. For those who are not sure what spread to use and what to get a started on. I’ve chosen my top 3 easy spreads to do. These are the spreads I started with because they’re easy to remember and they give the querent some very clear guidance.

Past, Present, Future

A lot of people think this spread is pretty self-explanatory however it is worth mentioning that this spread shouldn’t be taken completely literally. The past refers to your past situations that lead you to the present but when it comes to the card that represents the present, it’s best to think of it as a card which describes you as a person at this point in time rather than a card to represent your current situation in regards to money or romance for example. The future card is best thought of as a guidance card. It represents what could be if you continue doing what you have been doing. I often look at the future card as either a warning of things that might come if I don’t change certain behaviours or thought patterns, Conversely I can also look at it as a an affirmation card which can let me know that I have been doing the right things to achieve a happier future. I judge what it represents based on whether the card is positive or negative.

Love Spread

This spread is great to do if you’ve started a new relationship with someone or if you’re relationship is going through a tough time. The first card represents your true feelings towards your partner. This card can often be surprising. You may find that it lets you get in touch with your innermost feelings that you may have kept hidden from yourself. The second card tells you about your partner’s feelings. It doesn’t always represents your partner’s feelings towards you. It may actually provide you with insight into what your partner is going though. It can help you better understand their situation and their actions. The third card is there to let you know how your feelings and the feelings of your partner will influence the relationship. This could be either negative or positive, but it should be looked at as either a warning or affirmation much like the future card in the past, present and future spread.

Am I on the right path?

The first card enables you to understand where you are right now. This can be interpreted as referring to your mental and emotional state or physical state, depending on how you look at it. It is down to you to decide what the tarot is telling you when it comes to this card. The second card is letting you know where you could be going based on the path you’ve been taking so far, this card isn’t set in stone, it is there to let you know where you’re likely to go based on the outcome of the first card. The third card represents obstacles that may come your way to prevent you from achieving the desired outcome. Unlike the second card, this isn’t something you can change, these obstacles will be out of your control. You should look at this card as a help card which will better prepare you for any problems that come your way on your journey. The last card is the outcome and it is best to look at this as a card that signifies your desires. It represents your wishes and your preferred outcome. No matter what card comes out, you can be sure that the tarot is telling you that this outcome is possible and in your reach.


8 thoughts on “Three Easy Tarot Spreads

  1. Thanks for another delightful post MorganTarot. I once made a spread of 12 cards and each card was a house. Like your house of dreams, or house of finance. What I discovered was a past life. It was mind blowing! Peace.

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